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All of the lights leaked can't be the final

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He said he mixed that like 30 smthin times .. What are theodds of the one that leaked today being the final ? Idk it just doesn't sound fully mastered to me. Drum wise.
So calm down ppls , kanye said what were hearing is not the finals!
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Herbie said:
your a dick to everyone..lol
pm me if you want it
MonstaFlow said:
How do you it's the album one?
well it may not be the final but it sounds better to me then the other one that leaked today, and ryan leslie has a verse
MonstaFlow said:
How do you it's the album one?
im assuming you dont believe me
roninwood said:
im shocked he got tupac and all the beatles on it
whoa i didnt post that
Chuck Lestrange said:
Wait how long is the version you have now?
Jasper305 said:
hell yess transitions are wayyy cleaner, this is the shit i was looking forward too
I know!! i thought the same thing, im glad he added the ryan leslie verse too its dope
Runaway Stronger said:
WTF Ryan Leslie verse? Rick roll? What was going on here?
Runaway Stronger said:
says 503 service unavailable.
ha dont worry then it was an mp3 of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ&ob=av2e
Runaway Stronger said:
ha ok cool. I just didn't want a Ryan Leslie verse on the song, I don't like that dudes voice. I'm relieved actually.
he's okay. but he's the shit at making beats
Cappie said:
"Soundtrack to the streets" Leak with diferent name?

P.S.: This Link is edited
lol no its "Never Gonna Give You up" by Rick Astley
DivInMo said:
Dude, Marvin Gaye is dead.

That was Curtis Mayfield. They recorded it when he swung by the studio to record his part for The Joy.
1 - 17 of 54 Posts
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