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PrigioniGangg said:
all over the internet, including the typical leak site.

you can find it just as we all have
Idk man I searched and couldn't find it s/o Picqle for hooking me up.

I hope he's on the finished version. CuDi was riding the beat pretty good

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WZRDly said:
Fuck man Cudi is floating on this bitch, this shit is gonna be SOOO FIREE :ffpu:
Take a minute and appreciate cudi flow on this. If this level he鈥檚 at for the new album goodnessgraciousss

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ballabil said:
I鈥檓 hearing you looooorrrddd :hhh:
Wish Kanye pulled a guilt trip and put this part somewhere on JIK. Would have been a highlight moment on the album
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