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Album Done: Final Tracklist!

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1. Dark Fantasy
2. Gorgeous
3. Power
4. All of the Lights (Interlude)
5. All of the Lights
6. Monster
7. So Appalled
8. Devil in a New Dress
9. Runaway.
10. Hell of a Life
11. Blame Game/The Best Birthday
12. Lost In The World
13. Who Will Survive In America
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doesn't have the bonus tracks though... he's still keeping a few surprises
All of the Lights interlude and Who Will Survive in America look like the only additions/...
I'm guessing no mamas bf or chain heavy
who will survive in america is the speech i think
All of The Lights (Interlude)/The Be..../Who Will Survive in America are the added songs.
Hopefully "Chain Heavy" and "Momma's Boyfriend" still make it as bonus tracks or released for GOOD Fridays.
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