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Aggressive Throwaway Beat.

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Magic said:
nice shit mad, i would add some more echoes or like air if that makes sense. i really like it though. good job!
I know what you mean, I would but I didn't even save the beat lmao. Thanks though!
Ryl Prnc l said:
Now this is the Merriwether I fuck with. Now all I'd do is take the phaser off of the bass line and raise the volume of the choir synth in the background. Keep the volume for the choir in the background, but raise it so we can hear it.
Thanks man :allears:

mrrwthr said:
I would but I didn't even save the beat :okay:
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Ryl Prnc l said:
I almost thought you had lost it for a second :ohno:
Nahh I got alot of other stuff. I just do this thing where I make nice beats for 3 days & then go dry for like a week, when I go dry and try to push through it I get stuff like I was postin these last couple days:/
(even though they weren't that bad :cmon:)

But btw I ordered another keyboard, its just to hold over till I got the money for a better one though
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CT said:
Would it be okay for me to use this, possibly?
Link me to some of your stuff, but yea I guess.
Ryl Prnc l said:
What'd you get?
Keyrig 49


It's the same as the old one I had but I didn't wanna save up for another :|
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1 - 8 of 14 Posts
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