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I never write poems but now for some reason I've been inspired to write one. It's a funny poem not really one that's all deep and meaningful. The thing is that I really don't know much about writing poems and the specifics like stanzas or how things are supposed to be set up when writing a poem so I was hoping that there's someone on here that would know more about poetry than I do.

The way the poem I am thinking of is set up would go something like this:

First line
Second line (ends rhyming with the first line)
Then this line and the line after phrases that are pretty much repeated throughout the whole poem with only a few changes.
The line that goes here rhymes with the line above. This line and the one above are the ones that are repeated after every two lines.
Then here goes another line like at the beginning (not a line that stays constant throughout the poem)
and here goes a line that rhymes with it.
Then here goes what I had explained before (what will stay constant throughout the poem)

and so on and so forth

Hope you guys understood that explanation. lol

Is this a weird set up or should it be fine? Let me know any way that I could possibly change it to sound better or how it can flow better. Maybe not have that repeated phrase so often? Let me know. Thanks.
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