Kanye to The banner


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Probably a song I listene to when my mom was in the car by accident :cmon:
trillah said:
rofl shit always happens
"put that pussy on my bottom lip... get you wetter than a dirty sewer"

i swear to god :cmon:
trillah said:
omg lmao
what she say
"lil Wayne nasty talkin about pussy and shit"

hobbes said:
ugh i hate that

I think nothing of it on the headphones but whenever i play my music out loud in the living room or something i realise its like ALWAYS about sex SOMEWHERE
Haha one year in high school I was supposed to give the DJ for our prom a playlist of some songs chosen by the seniors...

Let's just say I gave him the wrong fuckin playlist
1 - 4 of 69 Posts
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