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Philippe said:
Anybody on KTT spinning?

If so share your methods, pics and tips.

For those who don't understand what I'm talking about...

SlimvLeRoi said:
I grease my hair daily and brush it like every hour, still doesn't work for me :cryfam: need help
the most important thing to know is not everything works on everyone, people have different scalp types/reactions.

if you're just starting, it's best to start with a low haircut and brush as much as possible. i recommend shampoo/condition every 2-3 days, this lets your natural oils play their roles instead of drying your scalp.

to start out, i recommend using 360 style wave pomade (blue can). Apply it on days after you shampoo and condition and apply sleep with a durag (you can also wear a stocking cap under your durag like i do, helps lay the hair flat more than just a durag would).

brushing is key so whenever you can, brush. For shampoo i use Shea Moisture coconut (its a pink bottle) and conditioner i use their Raw Shea Butter conditioner (tan bottle).

let your hair wolf (no haircut at all, shape ups are ok) during this process for about 4-6 weeks total. during this time your waves should definitely be noticeable. after your hair starts getting used to this wave pattern, i recommend shea moistures curl enhancing smoothie (also pink can). it gives your hair plenty of shine, curls it, and smells amazing.

other oils i've heard work well are olive oil, carrot oil, castor oil, and coconut oil. i stand by coconut oil so i recommend that over everything else.

i've had waves for over 14 years and just don't forget that a brush and durag are your best friends. also, when you cut it, cut it to a length where they are still noticeable. also, most important, your barber must cut your hair with the grain, NOT against it. with the grain means in the same direction you brush.

hope this helps!
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