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30 Seconds to Mars featuring Kanye West - Hurricane

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They just played it on the BBC Radio...i liked it.  :stronger:

Ummm I dont have the neccesary technology to record it. Hopefully they play it again!!
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Its been around for a while. Just hasn't been officially released. Its dope though.
Oh, hahaha my bad. I never heard it before that. I was freaking out.
I love that song . They released it without kanye on there album

The album's been around for a year+ now. It's called This Is War.
Ya and when KanYe did it they were like all like


Than Swiftgate happened and they were like all like

"Yo we can't put you on for personal reasons :kanyeshrug:"

And now that he's come back they're like

"We want to make a video with KanYe and re-release the song :yay:"

So basically they're assholes >_>
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