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2nd most athletic race in the world?

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We all know blacks are the most athletic race but who's #2? IMO its a very close call between Whites and Hispanics.

Follow up question. Who's the most unathletic? Asians/Arabs?

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indians most unathletic

whites/hispanics tied for second like u said
adoncash said:
Well i dont think asians are unathletic. Tbh

That's one asian.
Boogieman said:
That's one asian.
Indians are Asians so I'll go with them being the least athletic race. White's are the 2nd most athletic.
Boogieman said:
That's one asian.
I kno u get my point man and i dont really have to put them all here.
Op, you mean athletic as in speed, jumping, ect or just the ability to play sports well?

If we going by just ability to play sports:

Hispanic (Baseball/Soccer) and Whites (Baseball, Hockey, Football, and you could throw in basketball) are tied for 2nd.

Arabs/Asians/Indians come in 3rd.
asians are very athletic op tf you saying
Id say the Boston Marathon is probably #2
Caucasians..you got that all wrong dude. Germany, Russia, and the USA
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