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Rolli said:
Off topic but, I wish there were cute black girls in my area tbh.
Oxymoron, you moron.
Tito. said:
Girl in OP is cute af and so I don't like the OP anymore
Keep her around but don't make it exclusive :kanyeshrug:
The white girl I've been messin wit lately made it obvious she was wifey material by keeping it trill af. Plus I'm trying to see how freaky shell get. So unless yu feel something special don't wife
Axyend said:
Yes, that's what makes me worried about fucking a girl I actually like, because the magic might been gone afterwards.
Melanie Stan said:
Happened before, thought I liked the girl, turns out I was just horny as fuck.
Me and this girl named Melanie did it and immediately lost interests in her
Lothario said:

You wish you was me, your punk ass wished you could roller skate on beach sand during the winter but youse the kind of bytchass niqqa that tried to break up a fight with a baby in your arms rocking a sky blue body suit and size 13 Hot Wheels sneakers. I'll jump out of a moving vehicle and dropkick you in your chest. ***** in a wheelchair fronting in Foot Locker trying on Retro Jordans but not buying them talking about "them shyt don't feel right on my feet fam." Stop it you silly ******. I'll put lipstick on your lips and kiss you. Make you my bitch.

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Rolli said:
Off topic but, I wish there were cute black girls in my area tbh.
i live in FL theres plenty... and plenty ugly

I wanna move to Atlanta the mecca of fine black girls
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101 - 111 of 111 Posts
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