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Masked Mamba said:
I know the perfect girl for you
Who? Willow Smith?
Starburst said:
Im only 14 bruhbruh
can wee b franz?
Masked Mamba said:
No. I hope you like smokers and drinkers. Shes 12 too
I don't smoke or drink.

fuck dot
Deer Gawd said:
this is why you should use your left hand

women haven't got time for your dumb shenanigans

pillow talk or die
I use right
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Lothario said:
Well, you have 44,000 posts in less than a year. We are just making random observations, right?
I was on the forum before this and i transferred my posts

been here for 4 years


i hope ur mom dies
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Lothario said:
The lesson learned from this is clearly that being reminded you're a loser isn't pleasant. Is it?
Da fuck you need to know about me Gotdamn, ***** u smothering my nuts n shit. Anyway, Im da kinda ***** that stay on his shit. if you need something done, ask this *****. I got you. Except for when a ***** get lazy n shit like dat.
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Lothario said:
i'll catch you in your sleep and chop you up into bite size pieces then force feed them to your mom so she can give birth to you in your true form...shit.
i'll even wipe her ass so i can get a chance to say goodbye to you.
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Lothario said:

You wish you was me, your punk ass wished you could roller skate on beach sand during the winter but youse the kind of bytchass niqqa that tried to break up a fight with a baby in your arms rocking a sky blue body suit and size 13 Hot Wheels sneakers. I'll jump out of a moving vehicle and dropkick you in your chest. ***** in a wheelchair fronting in Foot Locker trying on Retro Jordans but not buying them talking about "them shyt don't feel right on my feet fam." Stop it you sill ******. I'll put lipstick on your lips and kiss you. Make you my bitch.


I like you.

wahn b franz?
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1 - 12 of 111 Posts
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