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And here our story continues...

A monumental clash took place to determine who would be the OP for the upcoming season. Three fierce studs battled it out, vying for the votes of the fam and there was not much to choose between them. Each was jostling for position and for the right to be the face that runs the place...

Each competitor only had their eyes locked on the prize and when the dust settled, nobody could believe the outcome of the vote...

In his victory, Kubrick, first of his name, said these words:

"It is with great honour that I have been given the opportunity to perform this role. Retro and PT were fantastic competitors and I have nothing but praise for them. The lads we've got are some of the best this thread has had, and with our legends continuing to perform at such a high standard, I just hope I live up to the expectations and I will do my best to achieve this!

Now let's get fucking mortal and smash the shit out of those other cunts!"

Which brings us to today... get your dicks out, because it's...

The Official Uber Eats™ Presents Footy Thread 2019/20

KTT Bellen d'Or 2019

The KTT Bellen d'Or (French pronunciation: [bollon dɔʁ], "Golden Bellend") is a KanyeToThe.com footy fam award given to the poster who is considered to be the biggest bellend over a 12 month period and, after a period of temporary absence, will be making a triumphant return this year.

Other awards will be given out at the same time in December; these awards will be announced in November where nominations will be taking place.

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