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15 year Old Girlfriend might be pregnant...NEED ADVICE!

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Okay, so about 3 weeks ago my girlfriend was very horny and wanted to fuck, so I did and I didn't have a condom at all and I thought I'd just pull-out, which I did. But I had no clue there is such a thing as pre-cum. I am so fucked if she is pregnant because she hasn't had her period at all and she is getting emotional. I am 18 years old and she is 15 years old, I will just be so fucked it isn't even funny and we aren't trash at all. Her and I are both high class citizens...What should I do? She wants an abortion and so do I but she thinks if she gets an abortion she will go to hell....
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RelaxRelapse said:
Age of consent in California is 18. Luckily since you're only three years apart if her parents press charges it's only a misdemeanor.
Dr.SeussToThe said:
You just picked yourself up a misdemeanor
kinda scary how y'all know so much about the charges for having sex with someone underage.
is there something you aren't telling us?
Odd.Future said:
Hahahah, guys I am not a rapist. She wanted it and she said she wouldn't put me in jail at all and me and her are only 2 years apart, that isn't bad at all
your name is Odd Future and your location is 'yo mammas titties'
you deserve all bad things that happen to you
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