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Andy Morris has posted an incredible article on GQ.com about the London screening for Kanye's film Runaway and its subsequent Q&A session. In it, listed are 100 things learned from the entire experience, including information about the film itself as well as highlights from the Q&A. Highlights include:

9. His mission on this project was for it to be "good to the point it's almost offensive". Which sounds ridiculous until you think that's pretty much the approach Madonna took with Like a Prayer.

14. The film will be packaged with the album in November, but in under a fortnight's time it will be transmitted in full on TV where it will simultaneously premiere on the big three American music networks. It will also be uncut.

41. The thing that finally convinced Kanye he couldn't be a fashion designer was through speaking to Raf Simons who revealed what it takes to master the art. Although Kanye had tried to be as involved as he could be - he went to Korea to see the shoes being made, went to factories, talked to everyone he could - he realised that he could only do fashion at the expense of stopping music completely.

52. He samples Aphex Twin's "Avril 14" on "Blame Game". Intriguingly the same sample was used heartbreakingly well by Saturday Night Live comedy troupe The Lonely Island on the night Kanye appeared on the show (Lonely Island composed a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad love song called "Iran So Far"). Kanye takes the track into a more personal direction: anyone whose ever had a messy breakup will relate to "I'll call you bitch for short / You'll call me mother***er for long / And next day we'll admit we were both wrong". According to Kanye he was looking to "try and get close sonically" to Portishead territory. He called them "apartment melodies" but admitted that you often have to make "brasher bigger pop melodies in order to afford an apartment nice enough".

91. He has clearly suffered major bouts of depression - talking about "crying, nerves, breakdowns, walking in the rain": "There have been times where I've been mad at God… I feel like I'm in this surreal version of heaven and hell".

100. The album is magnificent. But then you probably could have guessed we were going to say that…

Check out GQ.com for the entire article.
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