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God has a Kanye West complex. Or so it would seem given the number of times that the rapper-slash-blogger-slash-producer-slash-designer-slash-director talked of "divine intervention" over the course of a remarkable evening held earlier this week at BAFTA headquarters in London. Whatever you think of the Chicago native (and let it be said early on, GQ is a huge fan), the most outspoken man in hip-hop certainly doesn't lack ambition. The event was to mark the screening of his 35-minute film, entitled Runaway, which will accompany his fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, due out in November. Expectations were high - Kanye always had excellent taste in visuals from the living pin-ups of Gold Digger to the murderous supermodel in Flashing Lights - and Runaway didn't disappoint.

Read more http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/entertainment/articles/2010-10/11/gq-music-kanye-west-runaway-review/kanye-west-my-beautiful-dark-twisted-fantasy
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