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Fuck Ugly God, Ugly God a hoe
Flexing like you got it, bitch, I know your ass is broke
Your networth say you got a million, but your ass don't
You a one hit wonder, bitch, your whole career a joke
Back in 10th grade, your coach kicked you off the team
Every single day, you wear them same pair of jeans
Them same black pants, bitch, you know which ones I mean
Four years ago, you got jumped on Halloween

Water this, water that, you finna get exposed
Back in eighth grade, you use to borrow ******' clothes
You act like a freak, but you ain't never sucked no toes
You still owe your college three bands in student loans
You don't got no hoes, everyday you beat your meat
You don't want these problems, pussy boy, you know you weak
When I catch you slipping, I'm gon' punch you in your teeth
Ugly God a bitch, pussy boy don't want no beef
1 - 4 of 4 Posts