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Hey everyone! I'm uploading a few of my works.. i totally forgot about this & I have a lot to show!

Flyers i did for this upcoming event.

My Characters im starting to design.


My watch the throne drawing.

My how to make it in america design

I designed for his concert & he autographed & also took an extra copy!

Dexter Series

This piece was inspired by a break up from a long distant relationship.

Here's a few other poster designs. im planning on making the bottom left a shirt lol " i love to eat & shit "

a upcoming comic strip that i've been working on.. this is the first one called " typical day for a bf " basically expressing how us guys don't get enough credit for the shit we put up with on a daily basis lol

Thanks for looking!

updated :: gizmo mixtape cover.

( 1 of my typography projects in class )

i drew this before we played.. unfortunately we lost

he went ham way to hard lol.

2 of my shirt designs.. my clothing line is a concept of bringing real photos that i taken or see and add a twist in it.. in this case its the green monster boston edition .

Inspired by this artist named Haw.. i took his N concept but i made it into my own.. the rest is my ideas
it spells out T.O.N.Y

Simpsons / Family guy etc style of my family and gf. lol

it's been awhile since i updated my work..

i wanted to experiment 3d pencil art.. and this is my cartoon version of me getting some refreshment haha.

i wanted to bring reality media and vector together..
"Just like the leaves on the ground.. in order to be spectacular once again. you must fall first." is a quote i came up with the drawing..

Here is my vector art for Monster.. felt like doing this for halloween..enjoy

i thought it would be a cool design.. i might put it on a shirt

Thanks guys for putting the artwork sub section .

Here is some of my vectors.. i posted some on kanyelive but ill bring it in here also

This is one of the munnys i did

i was bored and thought of doing my First letter of my name in a takashi style.

i designed this after listening to bruno mars liquor store song.

I did this one for a shirt on redbubble.. i thought it be interesting to have it lol

My character logo in gucci style

a collage of all the vectors i did for this theme called "cartoon cooties".. i didn't want to upload it one by one so i made it into a collage.

My rondo x space jam drawing i did

my kid cudi kanye west - erase me drawing

Thanks for checking it out.

i'm always down to collab or take request and all that .
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