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Beginners Level

Ok, so you want to learn how to produce? Make dat dough make dat beatz. Well first you need to pick a DAW

Depending if you have a Macintosh or a Windows you can select the right DAW For you.

DAW is the program where you make the beats.

So I would recommend to start with your basic DAWs. Theres around 3 levels of complicatedness in them. Well, when you first look at it your going to be like D: WAT DO I DO? But dw its easier than it looks.

First Level: Logic (Mac) & FL Studio (Windows).
Second Level: Abeleton & Reason (Compatible for both)
Third Level: Pro Tools (Professional uses these.)

^ They all cost around 300-600 dollars if you don't want to torrent. Producing aint cheap cuh.

OK. So once you picked your DAW then open it up. I'll be using Logic here for the tutorial.

You have 2 track selections. Audio and Software instruments. Audio track is basically where you put the samples in if you want to put it like the. WAV and AIFF files go there. Software instruments is the MIDI selection. Your instruments and shit goes there. So lets try to make a basic chord structure now.

Right click on the main area and then click "Create empty midi region". A green box of one bar should appear infront of you. Double click it and your screen should look like this, remember to drag it so its 4 bars. Just go to the end of the green box and some arrow and drag it to the number 5 mark. Dont let it the numbers fool you! Its 5 for 4 bars and 9 for 8 bars etc:

Thats the piano midi roll. Your new bestfriend. Ok so lets make dem chords.

So command click on the piano roll and your mouse should turn into a pencil and just click where you want your first note to be. Then you can adjust its size if you move your mouse to the end of the note and move to which note you want it to play. If you hold click on the note it shows you which note you want it to be. Ok so lets make the chords C-F-D-G.

There we go! Ok so now lets take a basic look on the C chord structure. I moved it to C3 so it doesn't have an emo vibe so it smfh.

Ok so thats the C chord. Ok so a basic chord structure is that. First note is C (root note) then move your second note up by two and then from there the third note up by 3. Go up by two then up by 3! its simple and it sounds nice and smooth!

Ok so whats next pope? Ok so we got our basic chord structure now lets make a bassline! :datass:

Click on the + sign up top somewhere and click software instruments and go on the right and pick a bass you want. Im going with the "basement bass" so i know its real.

Create a new midi region and basically just copy the root notes of each of the chords and put then on the C1 or C2 of the bass, whichever sounds nicer to you. That means just the C-F-D-G not the second and third ones. It should look like this.

Now i played with the notes a little bit to make it sound less interesting and not boring. But basically it should look like that!

Ok so now lets make a drum beat :)

Do the same shit on how u got the bass, pick a drum kit you like and make a new midi region. I'm just gonna go with classic hiphop kit.

Now no shots but some of yall producers on this site drum loops r whack as fuck but its easy to make a simple drum loop, just look at most hiphop songs now its bass - snare - bass... bass - snare. and some hihats. Ok so lets do this.

Simple ass drum loop. I still sometimes use that with diff sounds ofc but it sounds clean and not off beat. So your bar is split into 4 sections. First and third section is bass and the second and fourth is snare then put ur hithats on everyone or take some out ur call. Lets zoom in.

^ like that. I always place my snares in the same place in most of my beats so yeah. Ok so now we got a basic drum loop, bass line and some chords. Errr what next? Lets make a basic melody. So get a diff instrument, im gonna get a piano but synths nd shit works too and basics just copy and paste your chords onto that. Just apple c and apple v its simple.

Now highlight all the chords and make it smaller. So its like it takes up one of the whole of the four sections in ur bar. like this:

So honestly now, just play around, move each note around but dont move its key, just move it around, ill show u an example

Its a basic melody. Its simple and its clean, doesnt go off key and shit but ofc there more you can do to this beat but thats basics! Now your like pope how do i make it so its a real beat with a hook D: ok so now format that shit. Ok so to loop a midi go to the end of the selection and go to the top right of it and ull see a circle thingy. Just drag it and it loops itself. I cant take a pic cuz my bitch ass mac is being a bitch but yeah ull find it, i found it.

So lets start of with just the chords. Ok so intro is usually 8 bars. So lets loop the chords for 8 bars. Then when 8 bars is done, put all ur other shit back into it and loop that for 16 bars! One verse is 16 bars so loop that 4 times. Then you get to the hook! Hook is 8 bars so then just loop that again for 8 bars and then repeat!

Now your like but it sounds so basic :( but you got a basic idea of it right? Now you can play around and make a hook and add other instruments to it! Go have fun and just be creative. Stick to the notes and everything and you should be fine.

Heres how it should sound like once your done with everything! I added some other shit to it too so lets see how ures sounds like compared to mine!
(woah sorry for the loud compression i must have bounced it wrong but yeah lol)


Now the next lesson is Basic Function Of Your DAW

OK so you made a beat but it sounds like A$$ quality and ur like how the fuck do i make it into an mp3, how the fuck do i do this, how the fuck do i do that. ok calm down ill teach u.

Basic functions.

Ok so on the left is the effects and levels panel.

The left slider is for the track and the right slider is for the WHOLE track (master slider).

Double Click EQ and you get to the EQ (See Ivy's thread for that)

and insert and 2 boxes is where you put effects (filter, phasers, drum compression) etc.

This is your track thingy, idk what its called but the M is for mute (when you play the track it doesnt play) and S is for single out which is if u play that track then u can only hear that.

Thats ur header. Most of these functions r VERY helpful for sampling. Flex especially omg :allears: so yeah. Dont worry bout those just yet.

Top right hand corner. BOUNCE! Thats how you make ur track an mp3. Ok lets click bounce now, thats fucking important. Lets make ur track an mp3.

Ok so now you want to make it into an mp3. I cant rlly say much xpt just copy what I ticked down and ur kosher. But yeah after u choose ur selection then click bounce! and it should be where u put it. I put mine on my desktop.

Thats on the bottom. OK TEMPO! thats fucking important for sampling and original beats. The "120.000" on there is the tempo. Ur default tempo is 120. To change that just double click it and type in the number u want and press enter! Simple!

Thats your slider, its on the right somewhere. It makes the view size bigger and smaller so u can view shit better. Helpful when sampling.

Thats basically the simple stuff to get ready to the next lesson which is Loop Sampling!

Ok so now you want to learn how to loop sample? How Dr Dre and Kanye got dat heattt so first find a sample. For this tutorial I'll be using "The xx - Night Time" (I already sampled it doe so ik wat to expect and its good for the tutorial).

OK so download ur sample, put it onto ur itunes and open logic and open an Audio Track.

Drag the file from your itunes to the audio file and it shud just convert it and put it right there. Should look like this:

Ok so now you HAVE to find the tempo of the track. I use virtualdj to find the tempo (free app in the appstore) but theres other ways to find it but fucking find it. SO my tempo is 122. So I change the tempo to 122.

Ok so now I have to find the 4 or 8 bar loop imma cut up and loop it. So I am going to do the electric guitar bar. I think thats cool. So I use the Cursor line to place it on the point I want to cut and I press "Split by playhead" ontop on the header.

As you can see it cut it into two. Put the other selection aside and work with the loop you got.

So to make it sound clean. Double click your selection and it should open up the Sample Editor. Now you can adjust the cutting here really accurately like this:

Move the blue slider to where u want it to start. Move the selection upwards to the first bar all the way.

On the numbers theres a little grey box. Click that and it turns green and thats the loop. Loop the selection you got at 5 or 8 bars.

OK now here comes the fun :he:

I want it to sound more warm and brighter. So I click the flex tool that i showed u in the last lesson.

Click it and and click speed. Once its done analyzing. Change the tempo to something faster. I usually do like 20 bpms faster so im doing mine to 140. and now look how it sounds like.

WOW! Pope it sounds 100x better D: D: D:

So now cut up the loop. Go to the end of the 4 or 8 bars and cut it!

Ok so now its time to add drums! Ok and make a software instruments and make your drum loop that i taught u in lesson #1.

So now you got a drum and a sample ontop and it sounds kosher. Ok so play around with that. You can take bits from the sample just cut it up using the split by playhead button.


Ok once you got the sample and your drum loop. You can do the same format i taught u guys in lesson #1 to make a beat.

Notice how nicely the loop marks goes into 5/9/17. You ALWAYS want that. If u got that then nothing can go wrong and it cant sound offbeat unless ur drums r retarded but yeah!

Have fun and be creative and just play around with the sample.

Heres how mine sounded like once I finished the beat: http://limelinx.com/files/218602bba8c7a4b874b578c9fd92ce9f

That sounds pretty fucking awesome right? Yeah and its really easy. Now dont worry about the sounds and the drums kits i got ill get there soon.


Next lesson: Custom sounds and drum kits.

Ok b, this will go into complex sampling but heres how you get ur own custom sounds.

I'll do drums first.

Ok so download a drum kit of the internet. Google it or ask jaybeatz lol but once it downloaded it sound be a bunch of WAV Files of sounds. Ok so lemme open the folder and open logic and click a Software instrument.

Go down to the left of ur DAW

and where u see EVP88. Click hold click that and drag ur mouse and click EX24 sampler and then mono.

Then you'll get a screen like this:

Then go to the top right and click "edit"

And it should bring u to something like this:

Ok so now open ur folder with the sounds and drums and start dragging the wavs files onto the keys at the bottom. For example. I put my kicks first so i put the kick on the note "C1". It should highlight so u know ur doing it right. So continue that and go on put snares and hihats and shit. (Black keys count too guys, dont be racist.)

Should look like this:

Ok so now go ontop to the main area:

And untick all of the pitch boxes. u dont want ur shit to sound like fucking kirby nd shit

So now save and go back to ur DAW screen and make a midi region and treat it like every other software instrument. And now u can make a drum loop with ur custom drum sounds not logic's shitty ones!

And now ur like awww pope it doesnt bang hard enough. Now go to the inserts section and u can see compression is not blue. Double click and then hit bypass which shud be orange:

and now it shud sound fine. If u wanna compress ur drums better then look at Ivys tutorial on compression.

My drums sounded like this now: http://limelinx.com/files/445f6ad550a52a52526321afad4c6296

Now, to add ur custom sounds like violin or shit its the same process but diff. Ok make a new software instrument, so open up sampler. And open up a new file. And get ur sound. It should be one wav file and it should say the key it is in too on the title.

Place the note on the root note it says it is. Usually in C then drag it and extend it through the keyboard. It should be the same as dragging the midi region. The arrow shit shud be there when u hover ur mouse of it. You have to click the note and it should turn dark blue.

Ok now go up to the main area and click "pitch" this time.

Save it and bam! Treat it as every other instrument and make ur melody or whatever.

Mine sounded like this: http://limelinx.com/files/39ba60de4d9377ae82e5e38c224ea718

Next lesson is Complex Sampling with and without a MPD

OK so this is prob the last tutorial for the beginner guide before i move on to the advanced guide.

Complex sampling. Chops and dat shit.

Ok so get ur sample u think wud work well. I usually pick a soul sample for this so Im going to pick "I forgot to be your lover - William Bell" for this one since i already sampled it and it works perfectly.

So download ur sample and place it in Logic, find the tempo and all that.

Chop it up and find the loop you want to chop and cut it.

Once you found the 4 or 8 bar loop. Cut it in every half bar or one bar so it looks like this:

I did every half bar. So now get a software instrument. And open up the a new sampler file.

Highlight all ur chops and drag them into the main area of the EX24

You'll get this. Now just press ok tbh. Dont change anything.

It should place it perfectly along the keyboard starting from C. Untick all the pitch boxes too.

Should look like this:

Ok so now, u dont want it to overlap each other cuz thats ghey so click groups on the top left then group then click new group. Then click back to zones and highlight all the "zones" into the group

You should see a group tab under the ungroup and all zones tab. Just drag it into the group tab.

Now click groups on top left again and u shud see various options. Go to poly option and change it from "Max" to "1"

Now save it and go back to ur DAW main area and just make a new midi selection like always and now u can see the notes have turned into ur sample u placed in. Now if you have an MPD Or MPK. Just plug it in and it should automaticly connect and u can press the pads and the first pad shud be C1 by default and u can just go ahead and do ur shit. Now if u dont then just place the notes in the midi and make a melody from ur chops.

Now add drums and everything else and ur good to go!

Those are the basic four lessons on how to make a beat. Now if u have a good mind and creativity within like an hour you can make a hit record seriously.

Use the knowledge on making basic chords and melody and instruments and sampling and making ur own drums and shit you can get something like this: http://herfavoritedrug.bandcamp.com/track/told-you-feat-cazzie-jetson-leaf-madtic

^ That is the final outcome of the "William Bell" sample and I only used the four lessons to make it and nothing else! It sounds amazing right? Yeah and all i needed to know was that.

Now I shall move on to advanced production.



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Lowkey gonna need this for when I get a Mac sometime soon. Thanks dude.

EDIT: Can you make one on sampling with an MPK? Your boy needs to able to make these kinds of beats on his new computer, nahmean?

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Nader said:
lol damn this is some basic shit, but change that kick tho, shits annoying
I made it then and there :cmon:

You expect me to make a beat in like 10 min while sick with a fever. I didnt even use my sounds, i use stock drums smfh b. And I said above the kick somehow got distorted i bounced it wrong so yeah. The loop sampling tutorial beat>>> is better anyways

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RobHiko. said:
Lowkey gonna need this for when I get a Mac sometime soon. Thanks dude.

EDIT: Can you make one on sampling with an MPK? Your boy needs to able to make these kinds of beats on his new computer, nahmean?
Yeah I got an MPK. I'll do that next, its pretty easy.

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man this final product of the beat lesson sounds good man. I would probably listen to something like that (if its completely finished)

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Iggy Stan said:
I made it then and there :cmon:

You expect me to make a beat in like 10 min while sick with a fever. I didnt even use my sounds, i use stock drums smfh b. And I said above the kick somehow got distorted i bounced it wrong so yeah. The loop sampling tutorial beat>>> is better anyways
do yo thang bro

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nice job putting this together boi
inb4 like 20 new cs tracks with exactly the same chords and drums lol

anyway the way you sample is way different from how i do it
i just pick them out of space, rather than on the perfect beats, but it sounds a lot more ordered etc
im fine doe
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