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Isco said:
Seeing as many of you guys got scammed out here recently, I'll give you some basic legal pointers in terms of transactions and remedies available to you in the event someone does outsmart you. And I'll do my best to make this common sense for you guys.  I'll add this info and make this thread all pretty later... I'm blocked out schedule wise through the week fam....

I want you guys to see this 💵💰 💵💰 💵💰, not this 💸💸💸 💸💸💸


This thread is NOT intended to replace the use of legal counsel in the event of an actual issue. In that case, I highly recommend you seek help of a lawyer if you have a legitimate claim.

The purpose of this thread is to make it more difficult for people to steal from you and to make it easier to prove that you have been wronged. My intention is that these tips will deter potential wrong-doers and make it easier to shakedown the ones that were stupid enough to do it anyways.

Quick Tips:

- Date of Creation: Always have some form of official documentation/record/verification concerning your productions and songs. If you make a beat, save the project file. Tuck it away with screenshots of the file & the date of creation. Take a video the day you finish a track with a newspaper. Show it to a friend. Anything you can think of to officially document that you've made an instrumental. You want as much evidence as possible to verify that you are in fact the creator of a work if someone has your work.

- Tagging: Tag your beats. I'm sorry, but I've seen a little bit of ridiculous advice given on the web for people to not tag their beats when they send them. Technically, lack of tagging (like watermarking in graphic design) isn't a valid defense to copyright infringement, but it just makes it that much easier to steal your work. If a singer/rapper really wants your song, they'll respond back. In the event they do respond back, make sure you explicitly define the terms of use. For example, if they like your beat and ask you to send, a defense they may raise is that you gave implied consent by sending a non-tagged version with no other terms. Yes it can be counter-argued but why even open yourself to that when you can prevent it from the start.


To Copyright or Not to Copyright:
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Making a Contract:
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Legal Remedies:
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