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J∆¥ ÆLECT®ΩNIC∆ - Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn)

Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called "The Pledge". The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course...it probably isn't. The second act is called "The Turn". The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you're looking for the secret...but you won't find it, because of course you're not really looking. You don't really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn't clap yet. Because making something disappear isn't enough; you have to bring it back. That's why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call "The Prestige".

Welcome to The Asylum

The Inmates

Bangs Stan | CME1124 | BillyRockets | quietmind | streetIICleaner | Korady | swagpuffs | Blake Piffin | jaywalker23 | sammy g | jayz | CTB2000XL |

(Please quote or PM Bangs Stan if you would like to be on the Inmate list!)

Tentative Tracklist:

01. Real Magic f. Ronald Reagan
02. New Illuminati f. Kanye West
03. Patents of Nobility
04. Life On Mars (@FatBellyBella)
05. Bonnie & Clyde f. Serge Gainsbourg
06. Dinner At Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory) f. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jay-Z & The-Dream
07. Memories & Merlot
08. Better In Tune With The Infinite f. Latonya Givens
09. A Letter to Falon
10. Road To Perdition f. Jay-Z
11. Welcome To Knightsbridge f. Sean Diddy Combs
12. Rough Love f. Kanye West
13. Run & Hide f. The Bullitts
14. Nights of The Roundtable
15. 10,000 Lotus Petals


Jay turns in the album

Jay tweets the tentative tracklist for Act II

"They Die By Dawn" by The Bullitts is released featuring Yasiin Bey, Lucy Liu, and Jay Electronica

Mac Miller's album Watching Movies with the Sound Off drops. The track "Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes" on that album features Jay Electronica

Nah Right: In The Lab with Mac Miller

"Jay Electronica may or may not be a real person. He might be just an energy. He might be invisible. I wouldn't be surprised if he's just a spirit. We all have a little Jay Electronica.

"He sent me the verse two hours before I went in to master it. The album was done, and I was like, 'Bro, the album is done. Tell me now if you're gonna do this. No hard feelings if you can't, I completely understand.' He was like, 'I promise you.' And he would be sending me texts just randomly throughout the whole album process, like, 'Don't turn your album in without me.' The whole time, we'd been talking about doing this record.

"It was dope because, I sent him a couple options. Three tracks. And the one that I produced, he picked that one, which is just a simple canvas. But it's crazy. He was like, 'I got you, I promise.' Then, he sent me an email, with the lyrics he was about to spit. I was like, 'This verse is about to be insane!' It was very interesting, and artistically punctuated. The punctuation in the email was crazy. Next level. Then, he sent the verse [as I was] basically on my way to mastering. I got it just in time.

"I knew he would, though. I've waited on verses from people that didn't send them, and I always had that feeling like, 'He's not gonna send it.' But I always had that feeling with him like, 'He's gonna send it.' And he did. It was the same thing with [Lil] Wayne on Macadelic, because Wayne fit the vibe of that project perfectly. And that's kind of like Jay Electronica with this project."

"MURDER DEATH KILL" by The Bullitts is released featuring Jay Electronica

Big Sean's "Control" drops featuring verses from Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

Rapsody's "Jedi Code" is released featuring Phonte and Jay Electronica

Producer Naughty Dog says he made a song with Jay featuring Emeli Sandé which will be on the album. He says "Just because something takes time to make doesn't mean that it's not great. He's great. It's an album that's worth waiting for." He also talks about a collaboration called "Happen" where he says, "There's no drums. It's just classical strings. He's the type of rapper that can definitely take hip-hop to other places musically."

Potential hook?
Trust me with your winter
I can carry snow
Show me where you're ugly
Show me where you're old

Erick Grady requests Jay to drop "Better in Tune with the Infinite" featuring LaTonya Givens. Jay complies.

Jay meets up with Jason Goldwatch at SXSW. They talk about the documentary shot in Nepal, and claim that it will come out this year.

Jason Goldwatch teases a video for Exhibit C with this image

Jay Electronica and Jay Z remix "We Made It" by Drake and Soulja Boy

The track "Minutes Of Moog" by Jay Electronica and The New Royales leaks

Jay answers questions from fans on Twitter, including his opinion on who had the best Control verse, saying the album will be released this year, and firing shots at VladTV

Jay launches his new YouTube channel, where he claims he will do the rest of his sharing for the rest of the year

Elpadaro F. Electronica Allah YouTube Channel

He also posts audio of the We Made It Remix on the channel, where he makes some comments. He also makes some comments on a fan uploaded video of Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)

Jay creates a KTT account under the username "mrflowers" and answers questions in this thread

"You can find the Christ where the lepers and the lames at"

Jay Electronica meets up with Kate Rothschild, Jay Z, TyTy, and Chaka Pilgrim (Director of Media Marketing at Roc Nation) in New York

Jay updates his Soundcloud page by posting some of his older tracks

Jay performs at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. He brings out Talib Kweli, J. Cole, Mac Miller, and Jay Z as guests

2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Performance Video 1
2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Performance Video 2
2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Performance Video 3
2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Performance Video 4
2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Performance Video 5

Minister Louis Farrakhan writes about Jay's performance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

A Special Message Regarding Jay Electronica's July 12, 2014 Performance at The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival in New York

Jay Electronica and Jay Z cover The Final Call

Jay accepts multiple friend requests on his personal Facebook account

Jay visits Mosque Maryam (the NOI headquarters) in Chicago

Jay is announced to be performing at Common's AAHH! Fest on September 21st


Jeymes Samuel posts on KTT in The Bullitts thread saying, "And speaking of Jay... WHOA!!!!!!! He has been hearing up man. Not only is his album bananas, he just did a feature for an artist which you're gonna hear in a minute and the lyrics man... *Clay Davis voice; Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!!!!!! He speaks on the current racial unrest and it's effects on pop culture. One line; "I hit that Shmoney Dance on the coffin of a crooked cop..."


In Flying Lotus' Q&A on The Guardian, he says he would like to work with The Weeknd and/or Jay Electronica


KTT user swagpuffs meets Cracktracks in Boston and says that there will be a tour happening this fall

https://96924487783%2Ftoday-is-7-september-2014-i-ran-into-jay Source 2
Source 3

Jay reveals his new Instagram to be TheTalentedMrFlowers

ilovedust posts a cover which was going to be used for the album

Jay posts a picture of himself, Jeymes Samuel, and MF Doom on Instagram along with "#3TheHardWay"

Spintelect (Talib Kweli's DJ) says there's a new Jay Electronica x Talib Kweli track

KTT user lennylenzzz interviews DJ TJ the King (Jay's DJ)


26:10 TJ talks about the first time he met Jay. They met through the same friend TJ met Mr. Porter through. "Jay lived in Atlanta, and Jay was getting ready to make some music, so he came to Detroit to record. And he recorded at one of my good friend's Johnny Audible's house. He had a studio at the top of this house and the upstairs had a duplex, the top level was nothing but a studio. So I was always there working with Johnny. Scratching, DJ'ing, I mean shit if he needed his grass cut I'd come over there and help him. You know, me and Johnny was tight. So I met Jay there. So you know, I used to always hear Jay. You know, Jay used to kind of be really like quiet, lowkey you know what I mean. This was at a time when Jay he was like straight Nation of Islam, didn't curse, didn't smoke, didn't drink, didn't do nothin'. So when Jay came around you know, I'm hidin' the brews and you know what I'm saying? Jay had made a project, and uh, he said he was about to go on the street with it. Sell 'em and stuff, and reach him out to some record labels and stuff. But he told me, 'Man, when somethin' happens, you gon be my DJ.' Me and Jay was tight, he was like a big brother. They was all like big brothers to me 'cause I was so young. But you know, Jay always looked out he kept in touch. Once he really got going he was like 'Yo, TJ my DJ' so it was all said and done from there. But that's when I started receiving knowledge around that time."

28:10 TJ talks about the first time he went on the road with Jay. TJ got some bacon burger from Burger King, and Jay's crew doesn't like bacon. So they showed him some video of pouring Coca-Cola on some bacon where maggots proceeded to appear on the bacon.

36:45 What was it like DJ'ing at the Brooklyn Festival? TJ says it was dope, it was one of their biggest shows since it was their first time of having Jay Z make an appearance during the show. TJ also says he know Jay Z was gonna be there and Mac Miller, but he didn't know Talib Kweli and J. Cole were gonna be there. He says he almost cut off J. Cole's verse, but then TJ saw him on the side and just let it keep playing.

38:00 Is the J. Cole collab with Jay Elec coming through? TJ talks about how "Just Begun" happened. TJ says he can't make that decision, but he could see it happening. TJ says J. Cole is dope.

39:50 A lot of people wanna know about Act II. TJ says it's coming out this year. "It's hot of course, you know um…sounds amazing. The music is just beautiful. And he's still creating more music for it too. It was something that has changed over time. If you had asked me the same question two years ago I would've said the same answer. But it would've been a different piece of work…you know what I mean?"

40:45 September 19th is not the date? TJ more or less dodges the question, he seems like he doesn't know.

51:40 "Y'all will definitely be pleased with the album. And he's got some features that's coming out too that's fucking retarded man. He got some features on some tracks that's really gonna blow your mind."

52:25 War with the Dragon? TJ says it was fan-made, that Jay never put a mixtape together.

Jason Goldwatch tweets ""It's time he step out from the shadows and into the light." #IntoTheLight"

Jay is announced to be performing at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards. While the taping will occur on September 20th, the show will be premiered on television on October 14th at 8 PM EST (GMT-5)


Jason Goldwatch tweets "I have a huge ass spread in the new @MassAppeal #55, dropping some solid news about my film with @JayElectronica and a link to the trailer?"

Jay performs at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards with Common and Vince Staples for a remix to "Kingdom". It is a tribute to Michael Brown, and his parents were brought out on stage

"The album is gonna be what it is…but for me and my album, I can't really predict how people are 'gon take to the album or what kind of impact it's gonna have. I feel like my presence alone in the industry, I plan to have impact with my presence alone. Me spreading love, me trying to share what I can share, me giving my experience, and hopefully that has more impact than necessarily the album does. But hopefully as far as the album goes, it's nice and people like it."

Mannie Fresh teases a potential Jay feature will be on the Mannie x Yasiin Bey album OMFGOD by saying, "We damn near done," he said. "It's hard as hell to record with dude. Anybody that knows Mos, knows dude is the craziest. He's got a heart of gold but he's the hardest dude in the world to track down. The other day, we were talking about Jay Electronica, like, 'We got to get this verse from Jay Electronica.' I'm like, 'Okay I'm ready. Where is Mos?' I hear shit like everybody else, I'm like, 'He got kicked out of the country?!'"


Jay performs at Common's AAHH! Fest in Chicago

Jay is announced to be featured on the Royce Da 5'9" x DJ Premiere collaboration album PRhyme


Common releases "Kingdom (Remix)" featuring Jay Electronica and Vince Staples

Jay Elec posts a picture of Jay Z and No I.D. in the studio. About a week later, No I.D. posts a video on his Instagram featuring Jay Elec with the caption "マギ (Magi)"


Jay is announced to be headlining the Duck Down BBQ at the 10th Anniversary A3C festival on October 11th

Jay is announced to be on tour with Common for the "Nobody's Smiling" Tour at 8 different locations from the last week of November into the first week of December. 4 more cities are announced one week after the initial announcement

Nov. 21: Las Vegas, Nev. | House of Blues (Canceled)
Nov. 23: Santa Ana, Calif. | The Observatory
Nov. 24: Los Angeles, Calif. | House of Blues
Nov. 28: Albuquerque, NM | Sunshine Theatre
Nov. 29: Denver, Colo. | Ogden Theatre
Dec. 1: Dallas, Texas | House of Blues
Dec. 2: Houston, Texas | Warehouse Live
Dec. 3: New Orleans, La.| Howling Wolf
Dec. 4: Atlanta, Ga. | Tabernacle
Dec. 7: Washington, DC | Fillmore
Dec. 8: Philadelphia, Pa. | Theatre of Living Arts (Canceled)
Dec. 9: New York, NY | Filmore
Dec 11: Toronto, Canada | KoolHaus

Jay performs at the A3C festival in Atlanta

"Stay away from Rap Genius, Rap Genius will mislead you."

The trailer for "Into the Light" is released on Mass Appeal's YouTube channel. The release date is claimed to be in 2015.

Jay's Reddit account is revealed to possibly be "jacksonswagger". The account is soon deleted after a couple of comments were made

Jason Goldwatch says, "Jay Electronica is full of mystery, and like a magician, his character lends itself to new ways of seeing things that would seem impossible to many. Several years ago, Jay and I traveled to the other side of the Earth. We left a piece of ourselves there. In exchange, we brought back something entirely new, and the images that follow are a glimpse into that magic for everyone who's curious.

Traveling across strange lands, we were invited to attend sacred ceremonies of sacrifice and parading celebrations of ancient descent. We trekked together towards the horizon and explored crowded monasteries, solitary mountain top temples, slums of filthy laughing children, and rivers running with blood and flower petals. I documented as Jay walked a river of burning human bodies. We crash landed a helicopter in the Himalayas, and he delivered rice and clean water to a school in a refugee tent city. The result was a collage of movements and emotion.

The experience in itself was a perfect circle. A question with no answers. Full of laughter and tears, but no love story or plot twists. We searched for absolute truth in life, and the only undeniable answer we found was death.

Since returning, I have been working on a film based on this journey called Into the Light. It is experimental in form and best described as a meditation in un-learning. A movement in seeing without watching, hearing without listening, and the brave exploration of spirit. I look forward to sharing this film soon.

For now, watch the trailer above."

Jason Goldwatch Presents: "Into the Light" featuring Jay Electronica

The PRhyme track Jay is featured on is revealed on Amazon to be titled "To Me, To You"

The BET Hip-Hop Awards air, as Jay performs "Kingdom (Remix)" alongside Common and Vince Staples.

2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards Performance

Jay potentially previews a Better in Tune with the Infinite video

Jay is announced to be performing his own show in Miami on November 19th


Jay performs in Miami, and performs an extended Control verse to a different beat. This could potentially be the version of the verse he intended to be on the album

ilovedust posts a second version of the album cover

Jay performs at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, California for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, California for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado for the Nobody's Smiling tour

PRhyme's "To Me, To You" featuring Jay Electronica is released

Jay performs at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at the Howling Wolf in New Orleans, Louisiana for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at Fillmore in Washington, D.C. for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at Irving Plaza in Manhattan, New York City for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Jay performs at Kool Haus in Toronto, Canada for the Nobody's Smiling tour

Talib Kweli claims Jay will be featured on his upcoming album titled Radio Silence

Just Blaze posts the intended outro for "Dear Moleskine" on SoundCloud. He says, "This was supposed to be the conclusion to "Dear Moleskine".. recorded some time back in London. Oh well.. Write your own tale of depression and eventual redemption! Best of luck!"

After the song being leaked in low-quality form by Reddit user "ThrowAwayJayElec", Jay Electronica releases "Road to Perdition" in CDQ

Jay Electronica performs at the Rote Fabrik in Aktionshalle, Zurich

Jay Electronica performs at Les Docks in Lausanne, Switzerland

Jay Electronica performs at The Exchange in Bristol, England

Jay Electronica performs at Whelan's in Dublin, Ireland

Jay is announced to be headlining the Soundwave Croatia festival in August

Jay Electronica participates in the "Islam and the West: Understanding the 'Clash of Civilizations' " panel at the Oxford Union alongside Dr. Wesley Muhammad and Wakeel Allah

Jay Electronica performs at KOKO in London, England

Jay Electronica performs at Yugong Yishan in Beijing, China

Jay Electronica performs at Arkham in Shanghai, China

Jay Electronica performs at Fly HK in Hong Kong, China

Jay Electronica travels to Nigeria

Jay is interviewed by The Beat 99.9 FM in Nigeria

A snippet of "Closer Encounters" is revealed. "Real Things" and "The Awakening" are revealed to be unreleased tracks

Jay Electronica performs at the O2 Academy in Brixton

An interview from NotJustOk TV in Nigeria is posted

An interview by Cool TV in Nigeria is posted

(Starts at 21:30)

Jay is announced to be touring Australia and New Zealand in July

Jay performs "We Made It (Remix)" and "Exhibit C" at Jay Z's B-Sides concert

(Starts at 12:05)

Jay Electronica had the following to say about the night:

"In 1999 or somewhere around that time, I was literally sleeping on the trains of nyc, crashing on @sdq0218 's couch etc. That year I snuck into the mtv music awards via the back artist entrance, trying to see if I could get on or spit some bars for someone or just get a break in general. I ended up walking in behind the Roc clique and actually made it on the inside until Beans turned around and said 'somebody know dude? He ain't w us' at which time I was escorted to an area where I could enjoy the event as a placeholder/seatholder... anyway.. I remember thinking to myself later that night 'Damn, so close bu so far'. I was severely depressed and Damn near at a breaking point in my life although I hid it well. But that night is etched in my memory forever.. I was right there... Beans Bleek SP Hov etc.. fastforward the clock.... and here I am again. Backstage w the Roc, but this time I didn't sneak in... this time... I'm rocking the stage w Hov and getting supreme rap love from all the legends. Time is a helluva thing. ‪#‎LookMaNoHands‬‬‬

Sorry for the long post.

All praises due to Allah, and that's a blessing. - Rakim Allah"

Jay performs "We Made It (Remix)" and "Exhibit C" at the second night of Jay Z's B-Sides concert

Jay is announced to be performing on the Red Bull Music Academy stage at Splendour in the Grass on July 25th


Jay is announced to be performing on the following dates:

7/31 - 8/1 | DK - Kopenhagen, Vanguard Festival
8/16 | UK - Oxford, O2 Academy
8/13 | UK - London, Xoyo

Jay is announced to be featured on Denaun Porter's debut album titled Ni/ne


A snippet of "Real Things" leaks

A documentary of the Oxford Union debate titled "Islam and the West: Understanding the 'Clash of Civilisations' " starring Jay Electronica, Dr. Wesley Muhammad, and St. Min. Hilary Muhammad is released

The announced Australia and New Zealand tour is canceled.

Don Jazzy drops "Get Down" featuring Reekado Banks, Jay Electronica, and Di'Ja


"Man Up" is leaked

"Can I Kick It (Holladay)" is leaked

Jay attends the Million Man March in Washington D.C.

Jay performs at the iii Points Festival in Miami, Florida

Jay performs at the 8th Annual CMJ Takeover at New York City's Santos Party House

"Exhibit A" and "Exhibit C" are released on vinyl by Mass Appeal

The Awakening is leaked


01. Can You Feel It
02. Fairyality Tale
03. Format
04. Get Busy
05. Infinite Love
06. Killer Instinct
07. My Life
08. New Orleans
09. Raw
10. Realness
11. Red Rum
12. Skit
13. Supreme Mathematics
14. The Architect
15. Untouchable (Live)

"Music in Motion" directed by Jason Goldwatch featuring an appearance by Jay is released

2/5/16 - 2/6/16
Jay performs at Dilla Weekend in Miami, Florida and uses Periscope as a medium for 2 Q&A sessions

Jeymes previews a Jay verse. Twitter user @DownToTheSocks leaks a snippet of the verse

Jay Electronica drops "The Curse of Mayweather"

Jay attends and performs at Saviours' Day 2016 in Detroit, MI

Just Blaze plays the instrumental for "Exhibit G" and another unreleased Jay Electronica song

Just Blaze MikiDz Show

(Starts at 30:53 and 43:30)

Jay performs in Detroit, Michigan for Dillatroit

Jay is announced to be going on a U.S. Tour

March 29, Sacramento, California | Harlow's
March 30: San Francisco, California | 1015 Folsom
April 2: Seattle, Washington | Neptune Theatre
April 3: Chicago, Illinois | Metro
April 10, Minneapolis, Minnesota | The Cabooze
April 13: San Diego, California | Music Box
April 17: Sacramento, California | Harlow's

Jay performs at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, California

Jay performs at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, Washington

Jay performs at the Metro in Chicago, Illinois

Jay performs at Cabooze in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jay performs at Music Box in San Diego, California

Jay performs at Dante's in Portland, Oregon

Jay performs at Harlow's in Sacramento, California

Jay reveals that he recorded songs for Act II at DJ House Shoes apartment in Cali. DJ House Shoes reveals that Jay worked on a T-White joint.

Chance the Rapper's mixtape Coloring Book drops. The song "How Great" features Jay Electronica

Jason Goldwatch announces that the final coloring for Into the Light has began

MF DOOM plays an unreleased song during his SXSW performance featuring Jay Electronica. Scarves claims the song is 4-5 years old.

The MF DOOM x Jay Electronica song leaks, reportedly titled "Light Years" from 2011

MF DOOM's label Nature Sounds takes down all files which stream the song

Jay thanks his fans for being patient, and urges them to subscribe to Tidal

Act I: The Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) is uploaded to Tidal. Jay's artist name is also changed.

Ab-Soul sends shots towards Jay

Goldwatch tweets "1.7.17 #AreYouWatchingClosely"

Jay's show at the Coronet Theatre in London is canceled

Goldwatch teases 1/7/17 once again

Jay performs at Ruby Skye in San Francisco, California

Jay performs on Day 1 of the Made in America festival in Phillidelphia, PA

DJ Khaled brings Jay out on his Made in America set to perform "Exhibit C"

Emeli Sandé announces her new album titled Long Live the Angels is going to be released on November 11th. Jay Electronica is featured on a song on the album titled "Garden" along with Áine Zion.

Emeli Sandé releases "Garden" featuring Jay Electronica and Áine Zion

Jay makes an appearance in Chance the Rapper's "How Great" music video

Jay performs in Miami, Florida


Emeli Sandé drops the video for "Garden" featuring Jay Electronica and Áine Zion

Talib Kweli says his next single is going to feature Jay Electronica

You recently said your next single is a song with Jay Electronica. Expand on the details of the release?

"Okay so…I'm working on several different projects at once. The song that Jay Electronica is on is a song on a project called "Tour de Force." That's my next solo album. I don't know when it's gonna come out because that was my project originally, but I have a secret project that's coming out…I'mma tell y'all somethin' that a lot of people don't know. I had to decide whether or not it was time for me to release this information. Me and Styles P we got a situation, we got an album together. It's called "The Seven." We're doing a tour, The Seven Tour, that starts in January. So I think that album will come out before my next solo album. So that single with Jay Electronica it might be pushed back slightly because the Styles P thing is about to come out soon."

You and Jay recorded the song during the Ferguson events, why didn't it come out then?

I try to be a visionary, I try to be a perfectionist, and Jay Electronica is the same way. Music is organic, and even though that's when we recorded it, it's gotta come out when it's ready. It's gotta come out when the music is right. There's still production aspects, Yummi Bingam singin' on the song, we have a string section, you know what I'm saying, the music gotta be right for the song. So it's gonna come out when you hear it's gonna be right. Matter of fact, we just finished filming a video for it. Me and Jay Electronica not in it, it's a narrative. But we just finished filming that so when it's time to roll out, we gon' roll out right."

What do you think about the mystique around Jay Electronica?

Jay Electronica is a mastermind, he thinks on the level of Shakespeare and Imhotep. He thinks beyond the average mortal man. Jay Electronica understands exactly what he's doing. And for you to ask that question, he tailored his career for you to ask that question. Because he wants people to not understand what the motive is. We're still talking about Jay Electronica. He ain't really drop no official project. I've heard some projects, but I think they're compilations other people put together themselves. I think that he's enjoying the space he's in where he doesn't have to commit to having a project but where we're still so excited about his bars.

Jay is announced to be at the "Fighting Fear, Building Power" event in Chicago, Illinois on January 16th, 2017


Jay Electronica attends the "Fighting Fear, Building Power" event in Chicago, Illinois

Periscope Footage

Jay attends the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy brunch in Los Angeles, California

Jay performs at Preservation Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jay performs at Crew HQ in New Orleans, Louisiana

Billboard interviews Jay Electronica


Jay Electronica drops "Letter to Falon"

Rappers I Know Bandcamp

Jay Z is inducted into the Songswriters Hall of Fame. Jay Electronica wrote the following tribute in recognition of Jay Z's achievement:

Jay rebrands his YouTube channel titling it, "The Science of Everything in Life." He uploads videos of his songs with a still background. Many of the songs which are uploaded are remastered versions of what has been previously released.

"For nearly 76 Trillion years this channel has given faithful service to the young in Heart; and Time has been powerless to put its kindly philosophy out of fashion. To those of you who have been faithful to it in return … and to the Young in Heart … we dedicate this channel.

Best Regards and Well Wishes,
Yours Truly.

The Science of Everything in Life YouTube Channel

A new version of "Letter to Falon" is uploaded to Tidal and iTunes. It also has new artwork associated with it.

Jay continues to upload videos to "The Science of Everything in Life" YouTube channel. Two new instrumental tracks titled "Back To The Future (1.21 jiggawatts)" and "…in fact, He's planting it now." are uploaded. The latter is a new version of the song played in the "Mysterious 'Untitled' Travel Video (Cairo/Middle East)" video.

Jay performs at the Sunfall Festival at Brockwell Park in London

"True Lightyears by KMD drops featuring MF DOOM and Jay Electronica

Jay performs at Fool's Gold Day Off in Brooklyn, New York



Jay Electronica: The Complete Disocgraphy (As of May 2014)

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in an interview on the "hype men" podcast the other day, just blaze said we would be hearing something new from jay in the next couple of days.

I really hope it's true but it should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

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Jaydolf hitler, rap hitler
One man militia
Burning ****** live with the scripture

It's not even fair.

OP Archive

Discuss the album/mixtape coming soon and just all things electronica.

RyFrizzle said:
There's that song / video "The Making of Act II", there's this now, there's Shiny Suit Theory, there's reviews of tracks people have heard from Scarves and / or DDot on here, there's countless pictures of the videos he's shot, there's an article about the Intro I believe...

That's all better than "Discuss the album/mixtape coming soon and just all things electronica."
EDIT 1/1/2012:

stiff nips said:
maybe he never existed
Jazz said:
Greatest magic trick of all time.
swagpuffs said:
the prestige.
Best/truest posts in the thread. Shout to Synawp :work:

EDIT 1/18/12

BussinShotsAtTheEgo said:
I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.. I dreamt about Act II last night haha I'm going crazy with this shit :mindfk:
Mario said:
Welcome to the Asylum :cryfam:
EDIT: 2/21/12

Scarves said:
"Allow thread to slow"

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JordantheGiant said:
Jaydolf spitler, rap hitler
One man militia
Burning ****** live with the scripture


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Exactly. Did the Suit and Tie Theory song or whatever it was called ever drop?
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