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  1. Kanye West
    Don't know if anyone has seen that Ye might get canceled from performing at the grammys, now they have a petition to cancel him from headlining coachella. Fuck that, im trying see this performance. Im asking everyone sign this petition to keep him as a headliner. https://chng.it/dwfzzXLsgM
  2. Kanye West
    The state of California is suing Kanye West’sYeezy company for repeated violations of its business code. Read more…
  3. Kanye West
    Hello fellas, Just few minutes ago I have remembered that 5 years ago I have seen Kanye's silent 'Yeezy Season 2 Film' so I went looking for it and found handful of it in 480p and one was 540p on Vimeo. I can clearly remember it being in higher quality back then, at least 720p, if not 1080p...
1-3 of 3 Results