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  1. Pop/R&B
    If you like The Weeknd's old music like Trilogy, you'll definitely love Octavius Greyy!!! Go show some love to the 19 year old artist from Manchester, NH. Artist Profile - Some of his best songs: Lonely Roads: Heart In Flames: Cold World:
  2. Music
    Hey my name's Octavius Greyy! I'm an artist from the 603. I rap, sing, and produce. Here's a taste of my music. All music was made on my phone, I've never been to the studio 😉 RnB Song: Listen to The Bottom by Octavius Greyy on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/uD9tN Rap Song: Listen...
  3. Music
    No lie new here and wanna see what ppl think of my shit Tell me how u really feel no cap
  4. Music
    so theres this soundcloud artist by the name RÜMI!Lavigne, he makes all types of genres of music from, alternative rock to ragecore and experimental. I thought I would show him some appreciation here and also show you guys a artist who I think has alot of potential :) check out his latest ep here
  5. Music
    Hi guys, I’m a Sophomore college student who’s just started a label and I’m looking for artists. If you’re interested please pm me and I’ll do my very best to take you where you wanna go (musically)
1-5 of 5 Results