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  1. Pop/R&B
    If you like The Weeknd's old music like Trilogy, you'll definitely love Octavius Greyy!!! Go show some love to the 19 year old artist from Manchester, NH. Artist Profile - Some of his best songs: Lonely Roads: Heart In Flames: Cold World:
  2. Music
    Hear me out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFCEuJ0EMM00wZ2SZnFnzIA
  3. Mixtapes
    For those interesting vibes within the mind. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKxsCgcI8qSe618OFkm9RJtYEKzApruJX This EP is dedicated to all schizo mofos with problems in their heads.
  4. Creative Showcase
    Rap was never heard with such a divine flow to it, deep bass beats with a driving vocal every time. https://youtube.com/channel/UClu7KlZvf6m3Nl2tZiPfTmA Tell me what you think of this content, get your rizzlas ready to sizzle to something Dope!
  5. Music
    I really started working on this project at the end of 2019, and it was quickly shaped by the absolute TRASH of a year that was 2020. I cover topics lots of political and social topics in a way that I hope isn't too polarizing. Let me know what you think, and I want to year what you made as we...
  6. Music
    so theres this soundcloud artist by the name RÜMI!Lavigne, he makes all types of genres of music from, alternative rock to ragecore and experimental. I thought I would show him some appreciation here and also show you guys a artist who I think has alot of potential :) check out his latest ep here
  7. Music
    Hey my names Showgenn , I do dark\emotional\alternative music . I really love this shit it’s my calling so I’m just here trying to gain fans . I’m dropping a project called “ The crow” soon so look out for that . I don’t have any videos out cause I lack confidence and most of the times I feel...
  8. Creative Showcase
    'Cruise Ctrl out NOW! Summer vibes all over this one, I hope you guys enjoy it if you happen to stumble across this, would appreciate feedback!
  9. Music
    Okay so right now I live in concord nc that’s about 30 minutes from charlotte North Carolina give or take. I’ve been hearing and listening to artist that come from around here and couldn’t find anything. Like I searched my whole SoundCloud. But I hit this one page that was actually fire. Idk...
  10. Creative Showcase
    I go by Keyshawn. and i'm a 19 year old artist [rapper / producer] born in TX, staying in FL. Just released my heavily anticipated tape today entitled 'FUROR*'. You can listen to the full stream here on SoundCloud, will be on streaming services next week. hope u guys fuck with it! all socials...
  11. Mixtapes
    Go check out the latest single by rising star out of Virginia Beach VA Zacchaeus tha' Great (@mkultrazacchaeus) entitled "Another Bag" produced by 16 year old up and coming Moscow producer Beefy (@Beefy808) NOW. Be sure to stream on Apple MusicAnother Bag - Single by Zacchaeus tha Great, TIDAL...
  12. Music
    Hello, we have a creative team called 3Hi. We make music, media, and clothing and we have landed on this forum in search of people to collaborate with. Our main objective in reaching out is to grow our music and content during these times of standstill for many growing artists. Here's some...
1-15 of 15 Results