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  1. Creative Showcase
    Hi, I’m a rapper and producer looking to start an industrial/experimental hiphop group with passionate artists over 18 in Toronto who are serious and want to start something big together. You could be an artists of any kind; rapper, singer, graphic designer, videographer, painter etc. I’m in...
  2. Mixtapes
    Check out GRABBZ new music Rap Bars are crazy https://youtube.com/channel/UCY8ucidyVOneTMZ_NYwJzHA Newest Single TOONIES LOONIES OUT NOW Track has barz for dayz
  3. Creative Showcase
    Hey guys! So I submitted my latest r&b track to Anthony Fantano's twitch stream, and it was selected by the mod for him to listen to. He ended up enjoying it more than I thought and so I figured I would share it here... It's a bit of a slow jam and quite personal, might not be everyone's cup of...
1-4 of 4 Results