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  1. Pop/R&B
    If you like The Weeknd's old music like Trilogy, you'll definitely love Octavius Greyy!!! Go show some love to the 19 year old artist from Manchester, NH. Artist Profile - Some of his best songs: Lonely Roads: Heart In Flames: Cold World:
  2. Oxigen leave test

    Check this link:
  3. 7th Article Commercial Viability of Mine

  4. 6th Article Viability of Alluvial Gold Mine

  5. Commercial Viability of Alluvial Gold Mine

  6. Creative Showcase
    Hi guys, this song was produced, and written by me. I also shot the music video and edited it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Link to stream/download Benz: Benz by Ray Jones Connect with Ray: Website: www.KnowRayJones.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/knowrayjones...
  7. Sports
    this video goes into this years halftime show with The Weeknd and some cool history also
  8. Music
    The Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Weird... this video goes into this years halftime show with The Weeknd I thought it was awesome, what did you think?
  9. The Weeknd
    Just a video discussing the crazy face he has now for his latest video, and what some of the meaning behind it is. I take it you guys enjoyed the album, or did you think it was meh?
1-20 of 20 Results