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    Hello Guys! I create a short survey about your favorite music and artist! 1-2 minute to complet all! Visit Here! Or drop your best email to send it!
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    Dre' from Jerz recently released an EP on various digital streaming platforms titled "Dub Pack". Song list: "Paid the Price" Beat by DJ Pain 1 "Make a Way" Beat by Buckroll "Don't Cry for Me" Beat by IVN Recorded & Mixed by: Dre' from Jerz "This project is dedicated to the underdogs and...
  3. Kanye West
    Hi, already sorry for my bad English, I am French. I made a fake Kanye West album on Spotify, bringing together some rather "old school" music underrated and unknown by Ye. This album is in the spirit of his first albums. I will classify it between "Late Registration" and "Graduation". If you...