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  1. Mixtapes
    I MADE A EP, WOULD APPRECIATE ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK!!! would also love if any fellow artists wanted to collab :) DM me on insta @agonystevo <3 TAPE HERE>> the jennifer ep. ****
  2. Music
    Just found out about this website it's called StarzLand, they are in the music business but that doesn't matter, what matters is that they have a free trial where they give out 50+ followers or likes on SoundCloud ONLY!, so for the other people using other platforms, I'll try to look for some...
  3. Creative Showcase
  4. Creative Showcase
    Please Note: Submissions are reviewed weekly for inclusion into our programming by our management team. Although you may submit your music, this DOES NOT GUARANTEE your placement in our programming. We reserve the right to make final decisions regarding inclusion and/or placement. CHECK ⏯...
  5. Music
    so theres this soundcloud artist by the name RÜMI!Lavigne, he makes all types of genres of music from, alternative rock to ragecore and experimental. I thought I would show him some appreciation here and also show you guys a artist who I think has alot of potential :) check out his latest ep here
  6. Creative Showcase
    I made a less hip hop-ish track that i'm modestly proud of (should i not be? please ruin my joy) Collared Bed Blues <-- link any notes or producers that want to collab?
1-9 of 9 Results