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  1. Mixtapes
    Hello everyone, I finally released my first album on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube. I would love you guys thoughts on the project! Available now at the follow links: Bandcamp: Midnight Season, by T. Houze Audiomack: Audiomack | Free Music Sharing and Discovery Soundcloud: Youtube...
  2. Kid Cudi
    Thanks for checking out our CMO, Matt Liplovski's review of the new album. Happy to discuss our reaction! Man on the Moon 3 Album Review
  3. Music
    Be sure to like, follow and hit the notification bell if you are an artist, producer, engineer, manager, etc if you have songs you want heard and reviewed! Aren’t you tired of those same ole review shows where they give you simple and basic ass reviews with “this is fire🔥” or “this shit is ass”...
1-3 of 3 Results