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  1. Mixtapes
    Thought maybe I could get some feedback on the latest shit I done dropped: OG MajoRR - Professor White Ft. Alpha Mac More music can be found at OG MajoRR - FACEBOOK PAGE All comments welcome. I'm a rapper from Cape Town, South Africa.
  2. Music
    Hey, I'm a producer with hella beats on me currently. My producer name is LDYBRD and my rapper name is Dopegodd. Here's a link to a Soundcloud promo I posted a minute ago. I also got a bunch of shit on my Instagram @folkrapper and my drive so DM me if you're interested. I mostly answer on...
  3. Creative Showcase
    Please Note: Submissions are reviewed weekly for inclusion into our programming by our management team. Although you may submit your music, this DOES NOT GUARANTEE your placement in our programming. We reserve the right to make final decisions regarding inclusion and/or placement. CHECK ⏯...
1-5 of 5 Results