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  1. Creative Showcase
    Hey! I produced and wrote this song that I call Down With You. I got some good feedback the last time I dropped a track here so I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts below and shoot me a follow on twitter or IG if you like it and I'll follow you back. Also I would love to collab...
  2. Mixtapes
    Hey people, I just released my first project called ”The Oddity.” As the title says, it’s wholly self-produced, and I rap on every song. It follows a loose story about improvement and the obstacles of trying to change. Check it out; I hope you enjoy: https://senpaiii.bandcamp.com/album/the-oddity
  3. Music
    The radio reach a worldwide audience with the USA, Germany, Russia, France, and Canada as leading countries. Music Submission - DilemaRadio
  4. Kanye West
    ricozy lmk what you think 💪🏾💯 2 new songs
  5. Music
    Go check out My Town by C-Smoke and tell me it's not a banger!! I'll wait 👀
  6. Music
    I'm a rapper from Denver, and I'm looking for anyone who likes my music, and is willing to collaborate. Here is a link to my music: @Pgkann If you want to contact me!! Email me at [email protected] Text me at @theavantnoir on instagram!!
  7. Music
    Slither a little bit, come hither, belittle this. Similar sythesis, to pit all of the snakes in that snake pit's a bitter twist, Agains't wall's is a riddle, shit. I'm still fucked as my life sits in its own grace.
  8. Music
    Working to perfect the craft
  9. Mixtapes
    My name is Kinnstate. I'm a rapper. My mixtape is coming out in April but in anticipation, check out my most recent song, Agency. This song will be on the mixtape. Let me know what you think! If you vibe with it, follow me on Twitter so you won't miss my Mixtape, RED, drop...
  10. Music
    So I've been producing music since I was 15. I have worked with a lot of people but when i was 19 i was down and out. i was living on my own and i started to sell studio time. I had done it before and it got me robbed and my equipment stolen, so i was very cautious with what i was doing. I met...
  11. Music
    Link your stuff if you can flow on anything and are serious about your work. If you fit this description link your work here or dm me on insta @josh.__n
  12. Music
    Hi I produce, and have been for about 5 years now. I've been looking to team up with a rapper who's serious about their craft for a long time. I've looked absolutely everywhere and have yet to find anybody. Who's up for it?
  13. Creative Showcase
    I made a less hip hop-ish track that i'm modestly proud of (should i not be? please ruin my joy) Collared Bed Blues <-- link any notes or producers that want to collab?
  14. Mixtapes
    I got this track if anybody wants to listen to it Lmk if ya'll fw it Also post ya'll music if ya'll want
  15. Music
    Making a playlist wit some bangers on it, started with some 2chainz. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1rUw6XZjeDj2bhjP9rQIKf
1-20 of 24 Results