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    Listen to this and offer your opinion on it. When does anybody just talk about new new artists? I offer an artist that no one is currently talking about. He will have more songs as the year goes on, I put this up as purely a promotional tool so the people who want to hear it can hear it.
  2. Music
    Hey my name's Octavius Greyy! I'm an artist from the 603. I rap, sing, and produce. Here's a taste of my music. All music was made on my phone, I've never been to the studio 😉 RnB Song: Listen to The Bottom by Octavius Greyy on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/uD9tN Rap Song: Listen...
  3. Music
    Hey my name is Brayden aka Timentes. I've been making music for 2 years and I've just started to make Music Videos. I've dabbled before, but they weren't professional quality. They are now !! N that's super dope, I'm really happy about it and excited to share it with you all. I have 2 videos...
  4. Music
    Hey chek it out its 100% free snip.ly/wwuo6t
  5. Music
    From The Beginning In April 2017, it was the middle of the afternoon, I was walking my dog and I received a phone call from my mother. When I had answered she told me "I don't want you to panic, but you need to come to the hospital, nan is ill and the doctor has told me to get the family...
  6. Music
    Support us and all other independent artists so we could invent new music. Don't forget to subscribe it means a lot to us.
1-8 of 8 Results