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  1. Music
    Where do I begin, thanks for the time & follow 💯 my name is Jay Fair I am from the Midwest, I am a freestyle Artist started late in life shit happens people go down different paths . I always knew messing around though as a kid I could flow a bit I'm not after money or fame , I just want...
  2. Music
    Check out one of hip-hop's most underrated, new artist from Southern California. 9.SUMM
  3. Music
    Check out 9.SUMM and his amazing new single "Fragrance" ft. Derek King.https Drop a hot new up and coming Independent artist, and let us know what city he reps.
  4. Music
    Check out 9.SUMM, and his amazing new sing "Fragrance" ft. Derek King, from the Mixed Emotions coming soon... https://untd.io/l-yn https://untd.io/m/9summfeatderekking
  5. Kanye West
    Check it out. https://youtu.be/Rs2xzSptW1U
  6. GOOD Music
    My friend is a writer /independent artist/ Rapper, who has a way with words. Yesterday (Jan 1 2021) he release his awesome Rap Music on youtube but he not getting much attention from people Jai Capone - Taste Success You can contribute by leaving a comment, Like, and subscribing to the...
  7. Music
    Hey chek it out its 100% free snip.ly/wwuo6t
1-10 of 10 Results