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  1. Music
    Bro please look up this song and tell me the sample... it’s killing me. L.T. - Stevie Ca$hout
  2. Music
    Hello guys... I make beats, who needs some unique hip hop beats or some beats for collab. Show me what you got!
  3. Music
    Working to perfect the craft
  4. Music
    I'm Jungly, and I'm GIVING one of you guys a PROFESSIONAL sounding mic for you to start your MUSIC CAREER, as well as some beats and mixing services! Go this post and participate:
  5. Creative Showcase
    A while back I had an account that did alright, got some interaction here and there yada yada. But my following consisted of follow backs, most didn't even do music. So I felt like starting again as @blindadobeats but this time I want my followers to be more organic (aka rappers, producers...
  6. Music
    Hi guys! I want to drop some links with random demos and shout out for collabs!!! Drop me links, be specific with your ideas and I am looking for quality flows! Stay safe. https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/jay-jay-juice https://soundcloud.com/idemgrey/beat_six-two/s-tUC5rTvOu5I...
  7. Creative Showcase
    What's up!! My name is Drew and I've been producing for years...all different kinds of vibes- hip-hop, pop, dance and more. I'm at the point where I'm fully confident in my production abilities (my stuff could get played on the radio but isn't copying a trend) but am struggling to find artists...
  8. Kanye West
    Hey y’all my name is nicecleanfun I realeased to songs on Bandcamp (nicecleanfun.bandcamp.com) and IG: @nicecleanfun I tried to go to 4chan and they were mean I just want to get advice on my music. I write produce sing And mix everything myself thank you for all feedback
  9. Mixtapes
    hey KTT long term lurker first time poster. asian 18yo from Australia, i produce a lot and recently started recording. seriously inspired by trav and kanye. i try to produce my own tracks because i can't find the sound i want on youtube, really appreciate anyone who took the time to check three...
  10. Music
    Be sure to like, follow and hit the notification bell if you are an artist, producer, engineer, manager, etc if you have songs you want heard and reviewed! Aren’t you tired of those same ole review shows where they give you simple and basic ass reviews with “this is fire🔥” or “this shit is ass”...
1-11 of 11 Results