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  1. GOOD Music
    Below is the link to my latest single that I worked for with all my heart. Enjoy <3
  2. Creative Showcase
    Anyone interested in joining/making a multi-genre music collective. Genres would include rap, pop, rnb, dance, alternative, hyperpop and much like Kpop, songs may be a fusion of different genres. Experimental stuff with open-minded creative people. Primarily music making people are needed such...
  3. Music
    Cimung September 3, 2021 9.summ - Rollin
  4. Music
    My Mood music video, is a creative display of sheer genius, by 9.SUMM. Displaying the emotions of someone talking to a therapist about everyday life. My Mood
  5. Music
    Platinum recording artist Tay Dizm, is back.
  6. George delivers another hit record!

    Afrocan teamed up with Tina Ford and Temitope Sanusi to create a record that starts conversation, encourages revolution, and supports change. “Revelations'‘ is the epitome of new age soul music with a dash of Afrocan flavor.
  7. Music
    Want to collaborate anyways? Been a minute since I’ve made a new song but I’ll post a few old SoundCloud links
1-12 of 12 Results