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    I was going through soundcloud and this song just played outta nowhere shit kinda go hard doe 👀 Curtisy - Keep it
  3. Rock/Indie
    Put in the comments some psychedelic rock reccomendations in the replies
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    Playboi Carti set was one of the most talked-about performances all weekend, fans going wild in the audience. Miley Cyrus fans didn’t know that a Playboi Carti performance is one of the wildest in the industry. This is what happens when you put Playboi Carti performance before Miley Cyrus
  8. Music
    Who is Benz Pharaoh and why does he know all these people? I've done some research about this guy and it's pretty interesting. With all the Information I found I can confirm he's not from the states but from Europe. Ever since new artists / social media personalities been showing up lately I...
  9. Music
    Have you all heard the surprise Lancey Foux mixtape that just dropped? He gets a lot of Carti and Thug comparisons but he totally proves he's his own artist with this one. Skepta is featured on "WHAT U WANT" TRACKLIST MURDRR TALK AINT THIS ! DONT TALK WHAT U WANT FT SKEPTA DONT! - TRUST ME...
1-18 of 18 Results