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  1. Music
    Bridges and Walls, Original Words and Music by Rene A We need to make a serious choice, today!!! Not tomorrow! Do we build walls; or bridges that can allow communication, understanding and love to start creeping and can someday stand united. Make love, not war!!! Peace and hope be in our...
  2. Music
    Seat of Scoffers, Music and Lyrics Collab by Terry Tornblom and Rene Asologuitar For peace in our troubled world! Hope you enjoy, feedback is much appreciated.
  3. Mixtapes
    Hi Im : Kyle Kombs I Make Music I'm 22 years old living in Columbus Ohio I produce everything by myself. mix and master, make my own videos, i do all of my own work I would appreciate any feedback or support. I recently got a boost in views and subscribers because of a song i made called "Fuck...
  4. Music
    peace of mind by Warioba
1-5 of 5 Results