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  1. Music
    Hi guys, During lockdown my friends and I made an app that consolidates future release, shows, products, informations… of any artist as we found difficult to be updated with official informations. Before we launch it we would like to have your opinion about it. For music makers, it will be...
  2. Music
    "Ball (Whole City)" is the latest outing from Nashville artist CARTIER HENDRIX, the song officially released on March 25 and is produced by fellow Nashville native Punchmeinjay. The song incorporates elements of trap and traditional hip-hop with a mix of cloud rap which are blended together to...
  3. Music
    My name is KatastrophiE. I am an artist from hollywood california. https://kata.bandcamp.com/
  4. Creative Showcase
    Rap was never heard with such a divine flow to it, deep bass beats with a driving vocal every time. https://youtube.com/channel/UClu7KlZvf6m3Nl2tZiPfTmA Tell me what you think of this content, get your rizzlas ready to sizzle to something Dope!
  5. Music
    Crap Rap Inc. is back with a new single about love under the tonnes of salty oceanic water! (No, the song is not about this new NHL team Seattle Kraken!) Check it out at your favourite streaming services: With a Kraken - Single - Crap Rap Inc. Btw, there are other songs as well, enjoy!
  6. Music
    NOT CAPPING link: had to change the name to upload it to my spotify ! also here's a link to kanye's story told through his albums:
  7. News
    My new song 'Revelations' is going to be on Excitement Radio's Show "The Best Kept Secret" on 06/28/2021 from 7 pm-9 pm (ET). This is not my first time on the radio, however, it always excites me that somebody new may be exposed to my songs. Hopefully it is able to broaden their perspectives on...
  8. GOOD Music
    Listen to George's first single here:
  9. Music
    New Single of Crap Rap Inc. is available on the streaming platforms! Crap Rap Inc. - In the Loo Dirty (and smelly) humour! OMG
  10. Music
    Cheers, ladies and gentlemen! Check out the debut single of Crap Rap Inc., which is called "Way Too Straight". Made for fun, it may be a bit abusive :laugh: U can listen to it on Spotify, Apple or any platform you like (except Soundcloud and Bandcamp for now, sorry)...
  11. Music
    Firstly, I'm buzzing to finally find a place where I can freely express my love of Kanye without judgement hahaha I hope to meet a lot of likeminded musicians here ! Secondly, I've been told by lots of people that they hear Kanye influence through the new stuff I'm doing and it seems no matter...
  12. Mixtapes
    Background: It's a friend of a friend. I don't normally listen to hip hop... it doesn't sound bad, it doesn't sound good either, but what do I know 🤷‍♀️ Help a buddy out? BandLab: Make Music Online
  13. Mixtapes
    Just released a new project! "Blood Diamond" Produced by SUIQE Written by Sexafterchurch https://ffm.to/blooddiamond #JERSEY #FLORIDA Let me know what your favorite song is!
  14. Mixtapes
    Go check out the latest single by rising star out of Virginia Beach VA Zacchaeus tha' Great (@mkultrazacchaeus) entitled "Another Bag" produced by 16 year old up and coming Moscow producer Beefy (@Beefy808) NOW. Be sure to stream on Apple MusicAnother Bag - Single by Zacchaeus tha Great, TIDAL...
  15. Music
    So this is the first song I ever made. Did everything. What ya'll think?
1-17 of 17 Results