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  1. GOOD Music
    Im a new up and coming rapper/artist just looking for a following and people to discover my music. Its hard right now im dead broke and putting everything i got into my music and i record on my phone. Just a little emotional support and constructive criticism is needed. Thank you all for your...
  2. GOOD Music
    Artist Rumored to have Met with GOOD Music ????? Anybody Know
  3. GOOD Music
    Drop your music here
  4. Music
    "Ball (Whole City)" is the latest outing from Nashville artist CARTIER HENDRIX, the song officially released on March 25 and is produced by fellow Nashville native Punchmeinjay. The song incorporates elements of trap and traditional hip-hop with a mix of cloud rap which are blended together to...
  5. Mixtapes
    Check out GRABBZ new music Rap Bars are crazy https://youtube.com/channel/UCY8ucidyVOneTMZ_NYwJzHA Newest Single TOONIES LOONIES OUT NOW Track has barz for dayz
  6. Music
    My name is KatastrophiE. I am an artist from hollywood california. https://kata.bandcamp.com/
  7. Pop/R&B
    If you like The Weeknd's old music like Trilogy, you'll definitely love Octavius Greyy!!! Go show some love to the 19 year old artist from Manchester, NH. Artist Profile - Some of his best songs: Lonely Roads: Heart In Flames: Cold World:
  8. Music
    Hey my name's Octavius Greyy! I'm an artist from the 603. I rap, sing, and produce. Here's a taste of my music. All music was made on my phone, I've never been to the studio 😉 RnB Song: Listen to The Bottom by Octavius Greyy on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/uD9tN Rap Song: Listen...
  9. Mixtapes
    Hey people, I just released my first project called ”The Oddity.” As the title says, it’s wholly self-produced, and I rap on every song. It follows a loose story about improvement and the obstacles of trying to change. Check it out; I hope you enjoy: https://senpaiii.bandcamp.com/album/the-oddity
  10. Music
    New Album from 17 year old prodigy singer, producer, rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Someone to keep your eye on! Apple Music: The Misadvice of Junie by Portraits Of Tracy Spotify:
  11. Music
    The name is Toni and I am incredibly in love with music, I can deadass discuss music for hours on end. I am making this tape, which I understand most do not care about and I understand, but this tape will mean a lot for me because it is the first body of work which I will release to the public...
  12. Music
    No lie new here and wanna see what ppl think of my shit Tell me how u really feel no cap
  13. Music
    Peace Family! I usually dont do stuff like this but i think its worth it at this point! Triple T produced my whole album and its dropping 8/21! Lets go! Tap in with me on ig @divineminde on everything! My single Walk from the project is available everywhere you enjoy your music! My Youtube...
1-20 of 21 Results