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  1. Music
    Grand Dragon Brandon (Kanye 2024) by Calixo Just dropped Links to find it on streaming here
  2. Aron Mikals - Onna Flo

    Aron Mikals - Onna Flo | Shot by 1600ale
  3. Life & Advice
    Here in Paris, I feel like people are totally bewitch by themselve. They're all doing the same shit without trying to open their minds to new styles.:ffpu: I feel like they are just making music to make noise and because its trendy to be known as a rapper. To me its definetly a shame, cause...
  4. Music
    Hey my name is Brayden aka Timentes. I've been making music for 2 years and I've just started to make Music Videos. I've dabbled before, but they weren't professional quality. They are now !! N that's super dope, I'm really happy about it and excited to share it with you all. I have 2 videos...
  5. New here! Just dropped my first single about a week ago. Jaydee-Lil Jed

    I’m Jaydee. I’m a new artist from STL,MO. All I want is for people to listen and spread the word if you like it. Feedback is welcome. Thanks
  6. Music
    Recently 'BTS' announced their single track name 'Film Out' which will be set to release on April 2, 2021. I hope guys you all ready for this upcoming excitement 👍
1-10 of 10 Results