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  1. Creative Showcase
    Wassup, looking for recommendations to buy quality new Soundbanks for ElectraX, Serum or etc for hip hop, rap, trap type sounds. Any potential hacks I'm open to it too
  2. Music
    2022 is almost around the corner and I will be droppin' some more content! I have a thing for soulful hip hop beats with a hittin' 808, drums, and samples (preferably original samples). And I'm always on YouTube, BeatStars and Airbit checking out HOT new music producers. HOW ABOUT WE HELP EACH...
  3. Music
    I'm just sayin' y'all be killin' dem drums and 808's - I'm diggin' the soulful production y'all bring to the table! Keep doin' it... Who else agrees???
  4. Music
    I'm a global Music Producer who has worked with various celebrities as you can see on my instagram @jay_productions_ I've produced music across many genres. I'm also a very talented singer, song writer and aims to bring new sounds and new music to the public. I'm always looking to work with new...
1-5 of 5 Results