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  1. Music
    So I wanted to know if anyone wants to make a music group together preferably from the UK (I don't mind if ur not from there) I like to sing and song write from time to time. anyone can join e.g producers, songwriter, any kind of creatives... I'm very serious about this, you don't even have to...
  2. Music
    Alright so im sure there's a million of these type of posts that never pan out, but I want to work on music with peoples. I am 20 years old and from MA and just dropped out, but I need motivation to do something more with my life and make some dope shit. I have alot of grand visions I want to...
  3. the best african award winning music for 2021

    The best hot african music of the year have never seen before 2021 click here to see what am talking about
  4. Music
    Angel voice 🥺❤️ check this video listen this song <3 https://7r6.com/Yul1F9Xj
  5. Music
    Love this song check this video ^_^ https://7r6.com/RoAq
  6. Writing
    Obviously pulling a Brockhampton but, hey, it's not illegal to shoot my shot this way :) I'm looking to form a "collective", for lack of a better word, around people with similar art taste. I'm into big, intellectual, transcendental, intense, abstract shit like The Incal, MBDTF, King Crimson...
  7. Music
    I don’t have any friends who rap or would support me if they found out I want to be a rapper so if anyone is down to start a collective type thing let me know. Dm me on Insta @cristiannino_
  8. Life & Advice
    Here in Paris, I feel like people are totally bewitch by themselve. They're all doing the same shit without trying to open their minds to new styles.:ffpu: I feel like they are just making music to make noise and because its trendy to be known as a rapper. To me its definetly a shame, cause...
  9. Music
    So, me and my producer freind have been talking about starting a collective. We're looking for vocaliats, rappers, writers, graphic designers, really just anyone who wants to create. If anyone is interested just email me at [email protected]!
  10. Music
    I can make any genre of music but could use a couple more producers, singers, lyric writers, rappers, whatever.
1-15 of 15 Results