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  1. Music
    So I’ve got a song going who wants to invest into it ?
  2. Music
    HMU THIS IS A BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR SMALLER MUSICIANS. as you see i have a relatively active and semi large soundcloud following - TO JOIN THE CYPHER TEXT "CYPHER" to 5016181749 or email [email protected] - subject line "CYPHER" - i will get back to you the second i see your message ***...
  3. Music
    Check out and follow 9.SUMM, one of hip-hop's newest and most talented artist from Fresno, California. 9.summ - Fragrance 9.summ | Official Website, Listen, Merch, Tours
  4. Music
    Hey my name is Brayden aka Timentes. I've been making music for 2 years and I've just started to make Music Videos. I've dabbled before, but they weren't professional quality. They are now !! N that's super dope, I'm really happy about it and excited to share it with you all. I have 2 videos...
  5. Music
    not tryna copy brockhampton, but this is the best place besides reddit to ask and have a openly discussion. eye about a year ago created a band which now consists of about 4 members. eye would like to have someone who lives close to the denver, co area, but it’s fine if ur not near, eye just...
  6. Music
    can we just do another brockhampton band from my post right here????
  7. Music
    Hey chek it out its 100% free snip.ly/wwuo6t
  8. 🕷ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]

    🕷ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]
1-9 of 9 Results