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    Hey my name is Brayden aka Timentes. I've been making music for 2 years and I've just started to make Music Videos. I've dabbled before, but they weren't professional quality. They are now !! N that's super dope, I'm really happy about it and excited to share it with you all. I have 2 videos...
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    not tryna copy brockhampton, but this is the best place besides reddit to ask and have a openly discussion. eye about a year ago created a band which now consists of about 4 members. eye would like to have someone who lives close to the denver, co area, but it’s fine if ur not near, eye just...
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    can we just do another brockhampton band from my post right here????
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    Hey chek it out its 100% free snip.ly/wwuo6t
  5. đź•·ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]

    đź•·ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]