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    My name is Kinnstate. I'm a rapper. My mixtape is coming out in April but in anticipation, check out my most recent song, Agency. This song will be on the mixtape. Let me know what you think! If you vibe with it, follow me on Twitter so you won't miss my Mixtape, RED, drop...
  2. Music
    Hello Guys. This is my Top 3 mix of 2020 Let me know what you think Im in love !! check it out here guys https://linktr.ee/Almin99 ---- MY FAVORITE TOP 3 MIX 2020---
  3. Kanye West
    Hi, already sorry for my bad English, I am French. I made a fake Kanye West album on Spotify, bringing together some rather "old school" music underrated and unknown by Ye. This album is in the spirit of his first albums. I will classify it between "Late Registration" and "Graduation". If you...