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  1. Writing
    Write just two lines of poetry (preferably yours) with as much gut-punching tension and context as you can fit, in two lines.
  2. Kanye West
    Yo! Arshan here from KTO. I know a lot of people on here talk about KayCyy, the young artist running behind Kanye for the entire Donda album, and still working with him. Well... i got a hold of him and did an interview. Lots of Kanye talk in here + working with Lil Baby and Travis in Wyoming...
  3. Kanye West
    Does Mr West like the plant-root-based candy? He's mentioned them once in "Heard 'Em Say" and for whatever reason, in Rap Genius it's written as "licorice"...
  4. GOOD Music
  5. Music
    not tryna copy brockhampton, but this is the best place besides reddit to ask and have a openly discussion. eye about a year ago created a band which now consists of about 4 members. eye would like to have someone who lives close to the denver, co area, but it’s fine if ur not near, eye just...
  6. Creative Showcase
    I go by Keyshawn. and i'm a 19 year old artist [rapper / producer] born in TX, staying in FL. Just released my heavily anticipated tape today entitled 'FUROR*'. You can listen to the full stream here on SoundCloud, will be on streaming services next week. hope u guys fuck with it! all socials...
  7. Music
    I'm just a artist who's heavily influenced by Kanye. Poetic Junior - Ghetto Picasso (Official Video)
  8. Music
    I'm looking to start a collective of content creators, music blogging, animation, videos. I'd really like to do this! This will be self-funded so the collective can generate money for itself while engaging with music! I can't do something like this alone, there are so many music-based sites that...
  9. Kanye West - Stronger