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  1. Kanye West
    How influence does Ye have on a America, in your opinion?
  2. Music
    What do you think of this song? who could remix it 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Kanye West
  4. Kanye West
    Random but figured I’d ask: Does anyone happen to still have the Kanye & Amy Winehouse EP that was released YEARS ago on Datpiff.com? It got removed and my old hard drive crashed so my copy is gone. If you have it, I’d love the files.
  5. GOOD Music
    He discusses Kanye, Dr. Dre, Detox, GOOD Music, and more...Part 7 is on the way. Please, be sure to check out our Unsigned Hype Artist of the Month which I have also posted below. Enjoy. Interview...
  6. Kanye West
    Yo! Arshan here from KTO. I know a lot of people on here talk about KayCyy, the young artist running behind Kanye for the entire Donda album, and still working with him. Well... i got a hold of him and did an interview. Lots of Kanye talk in here + working with Lil Baby and Travis in Wyoming...
  7. Mixtapes
    Imma 16 year old from NYC who just started a collective called ALT RLTY. I just dropped this song and I'd love to know what you think my IG is soar.mp3 if u wanna hmu
  8. Music
    can we just do another brockhampton band from my post right here????
  9. Kanye West
    Hi, already sorry for my bad English, I am French. I made a fake Kanye West album on Spotify, bringing together some rather "old school" music underrated and unknown by Ye. This album is in the spirit of his first albums. I will classify it between "Late Registration" and "Graduation". If you...
  10. Kanye West
    I thought this was a pretty cool remix. Kanye comes in at 1:07
  11. Kanye West - I Wonder

  12. Kanye West - Drive Slow