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  1. Kanye West
    In addition to naming Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt track ‘Feelin’ It’ the “hardest hip hop lyric” of all time, the Bronx rapper also showed mad love to Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne collaborator, Kanye West, calling the Chicago native his “favorite rapper in the world.” Read more here.
  2. Kanye West
    Kanye West is reportedly planning a trip to Russia later this year, with hopes of meeting with the country’s supreme leader Vladimir Putin. Ameer Sudan, Kanye’s confidant and strategic adviser says the rapper wants to expand his business ventures into Russia and travel plans are currently in...
  3. Gold Scam in West Africa

    This is our third Article on Alluvial Gold and we will discuss methods scammers adopt in defrauding their victims. I, Cheaper Price of Gold; All too often than not, this method has always worked for the scammers as it is like their bait, use to lure their victims. As every business man wants to...
  4. Kanye West
    Throwback To When Kanye West Said Black People Are Brainwashed Because They Only Vote Democrats 😂
  5. Amazon Entertainment Collectibles

    <a target="_blank" href="Entertainment Collectibles - Amazon.com">Collectibles 2021</a> Check this out trendy stuff on Amazon link above it would worth your while thanks for the patronage :
1-6 of 6 Results