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    I just did a hip-hop challenge with my friend kindly rate it and don't forget to subscribe
  2. Mixtapes
    Hey I'm a new alternative hip hop artist from the UK who's looking to build a fanbase in the States. I've just got confirmed airplay for my song in the UK and the YouTuber TCtheTopCat's gonna be reacting to my song on his channel.
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  4. Kanye West
    Check it out. https://youtu.be/Rs2xzSptW1U
  5. Music
    Hi everyone, I'm creating a 3D fan video about XXXTENTACION. If you are a listener or fan, tell us: 1.What colors do you have associated with X? 2.What things do you associate with this artist? 3.What would you like to see in this video?
  6. Travis Scott
    Hi! The video will be in style of motion 3D. In order to create a video for fans, I need help of fans. Please ANSWER these questions : 1. What do u like most 'bout Travis? 2. What would u like to see in the video? 3. What colors do u associate with Travis? Thank you!
  7. News
    toronto artist shortiie raw drops new ep #PreeDiss Click Here To Listen Instagram: www.instagram.com/shortiieraw Twitter: www.instagram.com/shortiieraw Youtube: www.instagram.com/shortiieraw
  8. Travis Scott
    Tsup, guys! Have some questions for ya for kinda research. What do u like most 'bout Travis Scott apart from his music? What's your fav song? What colors do u associate with Travis? Thank ya all for answers!
  9. Music
    They're called Guest List and honestly they got a lot of fucking dope music ngl. Shoutout to the YouTube algorithm
  10. Music
    Making a playlist wit some bangers on it, started with some 2chainz. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1rUw6XZjeDj2bhjP9rQIKf
  11. đź•·ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]

    đź•·ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]
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1-14 of 14 Results