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  1. Mixtapes
    Hello!! I'm releasing a full tape soon, but in the mean time, I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out our music video :) ALSO OUT ON ALL STREAMING SERVICES
  2. Music
    Trouble DTE aka Skoob will be missed by all who knew him 🕊🙏🏾
  3. Creative Showcase
    Wrote this track because we all got snakes in are grass Soundcloud
  4. Mixtapes
    Track 1. High Trip Track 2. Summer High
  5. Music
    If y'all are looking for new fresh artist that are popping on the UK hip-hop scene. Y'all are gonna want to start with ya boy QC Da Ghost. Hes got some fire tracks out. I'll put y'all on to his latest lyric video Get Well Soon - see if y'all can keep up with him cos he real slick with it and...
1-20 of 81 Results