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    Check it out. https://youtu.be/Rs2xzSptW1U
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    If you have heard his music before let me know what you think, if not go check him out rn @chuuwee and then let me know what you think.
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    Hi everyone, I'm creating a 3D fan video about XXXTENTACION. If you are a listener or fan, tell us: 1.What colors do you have associated with X? 2.What things do you associate with this artist? 3.What would you like to see in this video?
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    toronto artist shortiie raw drops new ep #PreeDiss Click Here To Listen Instagram: www.instagram.com/shortiieraw Twitter: www.instagram.com/shortiieraw Youtube: www.instagram.com/shortiieraw
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    Post your music so we all can hear
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    Go check out the latest single by rising star out of Virginia Beach VA Zacchaeus tha' Great (@mkultrazacchaeus) entitled "Another Bag" produced by 16 year old up and coming Moscow producer Beefy (@Beefy808) NOW. Be sure to stream on Apple MusicAnother Bag - Single by Zacchaeus tha Great, TIDAL...
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    Hello, we have a creative team called 3Hi. We make music, media, and clothing and we have landed on this forum in search of people to collaborate with. Our main objective in reaching out is to grow our music and content during these times of standstill for many growing artists. Here's some...
  9. đź•·ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]

    đź•·ODDYSSY - FEAR (feat. DOGMAN) [Prod. By HAAGA]
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    Support us and all other independent artists so we could invent new music. Don't forget to subscribe it means a lot to us.