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  1. Creative Showcase
    Peep the link now: Dre' from Jerz
  2. Music
    I just wanna see somethin'...I'm open to peep out some new music producers right now! Drop a suggestion below...
  3. Music
    My second EP to drop. Check it out when you can https://music.apple.com/us/album/expensive-tastes-single/1587911167
  4. Creative Showcase
  5. Creative Showcase
  6. Creative Showcase
    Follow up to "Walk Wit Me" (freestyle) by Dre' from Jerz Recorded, Mixed, Performed by: Dre' from Jerz Beat produced by: NY Bangers Official DSP release scheduled for: 10/8/21
  7. General Discussion
    What do you guys think of this playlist I’m currently building a music related website and trying to create a few playlists to hopefully get a little following from them. Any recommendations for songs to add. What do you think of the playlist. Would appreciate any follows on Spotify...
  8. Creative Showcase
  9. Creative Showcase
  10. the best african award winning music for 2021

    The best hot african music of the year have never seen before 2021 click here to see what am talking about
    No image available
  11. Music
    New Album from 17 year old prodigy singer, producer, rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Someone to keep your eye on! Apple Music: The Misadvice of Junie by Portraits Of Tracy Spotify:
  12. Music
    Watch the latest clip way 2 sexy By Drake ft Future and Young Thug :flames::flames::flames: R7 UrlShort
  13. Creative Showcase
    Hey guys, If you don't know me yet im a rapper named Tendo X and I'm trying to get my music in front of anyone willing to listen and I would appreciate you guys checking out my newest song. Just want to make good music and share it with people who share the same mindset!
  14. GOOD Music
    yo guyz check it out drake all hits compilation https://7r6.com/TOT9OHn8
  15. Drake
    Have you guyz checked out Drake offical music video it is lit just check it out https://7r6.com/7DzGE
  16. Music
    This is dope just listen it https://7r6.com/lkq92uUY
  17. TV &Film
    The Beat Host Ari Melber Uses Biggie’s ‘What’s Beef’ Lyrics To Warn People About The Dangers Of Covid. He has a history of quoting hip hop lyrics on his shows. Culture vulture or nah?
1-20 of 62 Results